Struggling with past religious beliefs

We've recently have received a flurry of questions from people interested  in bringing a deeper sense of purpose and meaning to their lives, in part by  our expanding our 'collaborative adventure' with, and part through our own network.

So, feeling that these questions and answers may be of service to more than just the one person who asked the question, we've started a new area of this blog — "Ask Brad & Ann."  And we'd like to invite your questions as well, and  request your permission to share them anonymously.  You can send them to us via email at or post them here as a comment. We'll respond to the ones that we feel we can offer some insight.

Now, here's our first one.

 I have been very encouraged by your site. I have to say that I have
 been searching most of my life, now 49, for my "purpose" and it was
 always connected to a career. I'm not sure I totally get what you are
 saying yet but………it is getting clearer. The struggle i have is
 with being "born again" christian and what I have been taught my "life
 purpose" is. Also, the there are people who would say your teaching is
 against God. These are some powerful struggles I have had for a few
 yrs. now. I'm just not sure what I believe about God and if the bible
 is true or not. Anyway, my life is so much better when I am helping or
 encouraging others. I need a deep sense of purpose and I'm  trying to
 find it.  Thank you for the site and the information you share here.

Ann's response back:

Thank you for writing your heart felt message to us. I completely understand
your struggle about being a "born again" Christian and what you have been
taught versus what we are saying about a life purpose. First of all, we are
not suggesting you do anything against your beliefs. We do however encourage
people to explore and ask questions about their beliefs.

Many of us have been taught things as young children or adults that just
don't make sense anymore. For example, when I was a child in Sunday school
they used to show us pictures of a white bearded man in the clouds of the
sky and refer to him as God. As an adult that just doesn't work for me any
more. As I have studied science and seen space pictures and start to
understand the universe more, it does not make sense that a God is floating
around in the clouds somewhere. Yet, I still believe in God but He is much
bigger and more powerful for me now.

From our perspective at Life on Purpose, a life purpose should include all
of who we are not just our jobs or role that we perform in life. A life
purpose includes all of life, all aspects including our faith and spiritual
life. Exploring what you believe about God and the Bible are healthy for you
because you can come to a place where you can have a more personal
relationship with God not just the one people have told you to have. 

Being of service is an important aspect for any of us who really want our
lives to make a difference. Encouraging and helping others sounds like a
rewarding part of life for you. Keep up the work of clarifying your life
purpose. You will be rewarded with a happy and satisfying life when you get
clear about your purpose. Please feel free to explore all of our website,
download the free items like the book excerpt and subscribe to our free
Ezine, Purposeful Pondering.

Have a wonderful day and week and God bless you.