Stuck in the Middle (of a Snarly Transition)?

Transitions. We all face them. We all have to deal with them. There is no getting around them. Oh, it would be nice to avoid them, and we can for awhile but then they catch up with us. I’m  talking about those changes that are forced upon us as well as the ones we seek out — those times when we know it is right to go the next step. All transitions evoke change.AnnSwift

Transitions aren’t always easy. Some are. Some can be easy but if we aren’t ready for them we can make them hard. So how do we deal with the transitions that face us? Well, that is up to us. We can face a transitions kicking and screaming or we can face a transition head on with courage and grace. It all depends on our perspective. If we have a powerful perspective with transition then we can make it through powerfully. If we have had some transitions that have knocked us down then we may not have the courage or strength to face the next ones.

The good news is you don’t have to face your transitions alone. Having a support structure to help you through challenging transitions can make all the difference. Imagine having someone in your corner who is there to listen to you and what you are committed to. Someone with compassion who is on your side but won’t let you fool yourself into believing those lies you tell yourself. I’m talking about a Life on Purpose coach who will assist you through your transitions powerfully.

Whether you are facing a transition that has been forced upon you or one that is self imposed you might want to have someone along for the ride. What if you could have a person who could coach you in catching the patterns that have kept you stuck, the behaviors that have sabotaged you, and the thinking that has been disempowering. Would you be interested?

The Life on Purpose Process can be a powerful approach to help you with your current transitions and your future ones. Let me tell you about some of my clients and what coaching has done for them.

Kay (not her real name) is a strong, intelligent, business woman who found herself feeling as though she was underwater like she just couldn’t get her breath. She loves to learn and wondered if learning about life purpose could make a difference for her. She discovered some limiting beliefs that led her to constantly try to fix things with family and friends. Of course, they often didn’t appreciate her attempts to fix them. When she recognized how driven she was to be a fixer, she was able to allow people to be as they are, then her life took on a more relaxed pace. She was able to let go and let the people in her life do their own work. She did not need to fix anyone or anything. Without working with me as her coach she says she would never have uncovered this drivenness to fix. She was so convinced she was making a difference she couldn’t understand the dissatisfaction others had with her. She now catches this tendency and feels free to be herself without fixing anything.

Dee (also not her real name) was facing a different transition. Upon her father’s death she inherited the family business. It had never been her desire or dream to take over the business but the circumstances forced her to deal with it. For years she just did what was expected of her taking care of everyone first and then maybe herself. She found herself tired, exhausted and yearning for more out of life. She felt like there  had to be something that could make a difference. After sitting quietly one morning her intuition told to look up life on purpose. That is how she found me. While working together, she uncovered her inherited belief about how she must take care of everyone. She now recognizes she has other choices. She is in the process of selling the family business and starting on a new life that is full of creativity and self expression involving more spiritual avenues. She is thrilled to be free of the “have to’s” in her life. She is empowered.

Are you ready to take on your next transition with power and purpose? Join me for one of my no obligation coaching consultations during my Coaching Days. Working with me can help you uncover what you don’t know, what keeps you stuck and give you the freedom to be who you really are. Learn how you schedule your personal coaching consultation below.

Ann’s Coaching Days: Purposeful & Powerful Transitions

On February 20th and 21st I will be conducting my first Ann’s Coaching Days of 2013.  Are you a woman, perhaps a mother, who finds herself in midlife struggling with a major transition?  Perhaps you are dealing with:

  • Feeling lost, alone and uncertain as to what life is all about: You can’t put your finger on it but you just feel as if life doesn’t hold the meaning and zest it once had. So you ask yourself what’s wrong with me? Why can’t I get myself going and enjoy life to the fullest? Why am I feeling so lost when nothing has really changed?
  • Change of career, the desire to change careers or retirement: You loved this career. Yet now you are tired maybe even burned out and looking for something fresh and new.  You feel ready for the next chapter in your life. What will it be?
  • Empty nest syndrome: You may have considered your primary purpose in life to be a good mother, but now that the children are gone you’ve lost that sense of purpose and meaning.
  • End of a marriage: The relationship that you invested so much of your life into is over. It’s time to pick up the pieces and get on with your life…but how?

If so, we need to talk! And the initial coaching consultations of these coaching days are a great time to have some real value added to your life while we also determine whether we’d be a good match to work together in a coaching relationship.

“Working with Ann has been like having my very own Fairy Godmother. She is kind, loving and honest showing me some of the errors of my thinking and helping me uncover my inherited purpose. She always has my good at heart. My life has turned around since working with Ann and I am releasing the situations in my life that have kept me stuck and stressed for years. I would recommend Ann to anyone.”    DM, Virginia

Complete information is online here.

Please feel free to contact me for Ann’s Coaching Day or other times that we could schedule if those days do not work for you. May your life be filled with fulfilling purpose.

Ann Swift
Life on Purpose Institute, Inc. Co-Founder
Life on Purpose Certified Coach