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Movie/DVD Clubs

Spiritual Cinema Circle – Would You Like To Be Entertained AND Inspired? Never before has it been so easy to get your own copies of the movies and new films that you’re unlikely so see anywhere else. Join the tens of thousands of others …

Ample Affiliates

Cashflow Technologies – If you’ve not exposed yourself to the Rich Dad / Poor Dad perspective, you’re in for a treat.

Inside Success Radio – Like Edison, I intend to make success, abundance, and joy available to every man, woman, and child by teaching them how to “Be Proactive” and use “Proactivator Tools™.”

Purposeful, Passionate, Playful Service

Alumbo! – Alumbo brings authors and experts together with readers and other enthusiasts to explore “humankind\’s quest for meaning and growth,” including topics such as sustainable lifestyles, personal development, spirituality, holistic health, and alternative medicines.

How Much Joy Can You Stand? – How Much Joy Can You Stand? is a fun, friendly site for anyone who has a dream to pursue that they need a little help with. Lots of useful tools, including very busy bulletin boards for dreamers, a free ezine, free articles, e-courses, and more. From Suzanne Falter-Barns, author of the popular self help book How Much Joy Can You Stand?

Inspiration2Go – Fill Your Life With Joy, Freedom and Inspiration. Our series of motivation articles, e-books, newsletter and personal counseling will empower and motivate you to create an abundance of joy, freedom and inspiration in your daily life.

Institute of Noetic Sciences – A global wisdom society in which consciousness, spirituality and love are at the center of life.

Life Cycles Matrix System – Life Cycles, Time and Synchronicity coincidences. Using birthdays and repeating circles for insight in your consciousness, life-tale, course of life, relationship, child raising, job, career, business, study and destiny.

Motivation Point – Personal Development around the clock! This site is an Inspirational Community for Self Growth through tools, collaboration and life changing connections. – Want to get motivated? Get your free Motivation123 Idea-Kit, free motivation newsletter, and hundreds of quick and easy tips to help you reach your goals and improve your attitude.

Motivational and Inspirational Corner – America’s motivational headquarters where you’ll find motivational and inspirational quotes and stories. Home of the Power Up Passage of the Day and the Power Performance Program.

On-Purpose – It is never too early (or too late) to lay the cornerstone to the future – Kevin W.McCarthy.

Open Circles Academy – Improve your communication, relationships, physical and emotional health, self-esteem and creativity, gain emotional freedom, increase your self-confidence and reduce stress and anxiety in our training programs, courses, seminars, workshops and retreats. – The most complete guide to information about Self-Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Spirituality In Everyday Life – A Spiritual Oasis of FREE Inspirational Resources
including Gifts, Articles, Meditations, e-Books, e-Zines, & More.

Vibrant Universe – Explore ideas about our universe: what it is and our role in it. Tap into a resource of alternative therapies, healers and authors. Improve your sense of well-being and find greater fulfilment in life with the help and support of others.

Wellness Goods – Wellness Goods is a resource center for conscious living, body-mind-spirit medicine and alternative healing, assisting in the activation and realization of our inherent and unlimited potential to achieve the states of wellness and wholeness of our Selves and our entire Planet.

Mindful Abundance and Simplicity

Access Abundance – Access Abundance holds the vision that together we can create a world in which lifelong patterns of scarcity have been replaced with whole, complete and lasting abundance.

AspireNow – The mission of AspireNow is to light a path for people around the world to discover their purpose, live more abundantly, grow joyful relationships and experience tremendous success.

Effortless Prosperity – Effortless Prosperity envisions world peace through prosperity and offers a 30-day free online seminar to create personal prosperity – effortlessly. “Prosperity paves the road to peace… and you can have the prosperous life I know you deserve, in thirty days – effortlessly!”

Living Values – Our purpose is to provide guiding principles and tools for the development of the whole person, recognizing that the individual is comprised of physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual dimensions.

Perfect Customer™ – A unique company with a powerful vision of being the catalyst for causing a new reality in the way businesses operate. Our revolutionary concepts and ideas are incorporated into creative, innovative training programs. Our programs alter businesses at their core level in experiential workshops.

Simple Living Network – The Simple Living Network is a small home-based business that provides resources and free community services that may help you live a more simple lifestyle.

Spiritual Serenity

Counselor of the Heart – Searching For Answers? Seeking Life Changes? Explore a Grand Awareness that will change every area of your life. A Complete and Single Understanding is given allowing you to step right into Happiness, Your Beauty, Heaven on Earth and Live it Now! Awaken to Who You Really Are and Your Divine Expression in Life.

Meditation Therapy – A skillful way to nurture your health, increase longevity, diminish stress, refine personality,strengthen character, deepen spiritual awareness, and realize joy in life and relationships.

Spiritual Traveler – The Spiritual Traveler is an online magazine for people interested in travel, writing, and spiritual seeking. Our mission is to create a global family of individuals sharing their experiences with one another.

Unity Center in Western NC – Extensive website of free articles on living a conscious, joy-filled life, from a church family of spiritual seekers near Asheville, North Carolina.

Zoo Fence – The Zoo Fence is a nondenominational, nonsectarian, independent commentary on issues of interest and importance to seekers in search of the Truth about themselves – their Nature, their Reality, their Universe, their God.

LOPI Certified and Other Coaches

LifeSignature – LifeSignature coaching helps you trace the talents you are given and express them in your life. Here is what one client has to say about the coaching experience: “Have you ever watched, listened, and felt someone tuning a guitar or other string instrument? That is what it is like to have the good fortune of connecting with John Agno. He is a living tuning fork and you’re that string instrument. Today, I have greater self awareness, am more in step with my
calling, and better able to appreciate the journey, including the valleys, than ever before. Thanks, John for helping me get attuned with my LifeSignature.”

Path of Purpose Coaching – Path of Purpose Coaching by Helaine Iris, Certified LOPI coach. It’s your life…imagine the possibilities!

Other Coaching Schools

Coaching From Spirit Institute – CSF Founder Sharon Wilson says: “Welcome to a virtual gathering place and loving community. We offer many ways for you to experience powerful, proven tools of transformation which will awaken your power – your inner coach! Come with us on a path back to yourself! We welcome you and see you living a life of love, joy, peace, health, and prosperity NOW!”

The Coaching Institute – The Coaching Institute offers a coach training program specifically designed for professionals who work with others in a collaborative relationship. TCI was founded by two professionals with over 40 years of combined senior management, business development, education/training and marketing expertise.