Super Charge Your Life On Purpose by Super Charging Your Purpose Projects

One of the most powerful tools for living true to your purpose is Purpose Projects. Purpose Projects aren’t like any other kinds of projects you may have done in the past. You know the ones I mean. The 5th grade science project you failed to do until the last minute so you and your parents had to stay up all night working on it and even then it flopped. Or the endless number of projects that are forced down your throat at work.

No. Purpose Projects are fun and engaging because they come directly from your life purpose. And since one of the most most important criteria of a life purpose is that it excite and turn you on, then your Purpose Projects must do the same — otherwise, they’re not a Purpose Project.

So, if you want to take living on purpose to the next level, create some Purpose Projects in your life. If you’ve already done this, and you want to take your life to the next level again, then supercharge your Purpose Projects.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do this:

1. Involve More People. If your Purpose Project isn’t moving forward with as much velocity as you would like, get more people involved in it. At last count there were some 6,068,210,060 on planet Earth. What do you mean, you can’t find anyone who wants to play with you? Increase the number of conversations you have each day about your Purpose Project and see what happens. Start by making a list of people you know that you haven’t talk to about your Purpose Project or that you haven’t talked to lately. Then set a target of how many new people you will talk to each week for the next month. Also, use Suggestions #2 as you do so.

2. Infuse your Purpose Project with Enthusiasm. The word ‘enthusiasm’ means the breath of God, so infuse your Purpose Projects with inspiration and exuberant energy. Enthusiasm is contagious. Unfortunately, many of us tend to wait to catch a case of it rather than going ahead and generating. You’re the source of the enthusiasm for your Purpose Projects.

3. Give up the need to be in control. Now, this doesn’t mean just drop everything your doing and watch it scatter to the four corners. It does mean letting up a bit on the reins of control that can stifle the most inspiring visionary project. While this sounds quite simple, it’s not always that easy, so here is a useful strategy for letting go.

Remember that your Purpose Project is not you nor is it your life purpose. This is true no matter how pure and ‘in the beam’ the project is. Most people who hold their Projects too tightly, are focusing too much on the results of the project and have forgotten that the real purpose behind creating the project in the first place was so they could live and express their life purpose.

4. Up the ante with your intentionality. Yes, there is a definite difference between control and intentionality. With control you’re most likely to be focusing on the results of the project while with intentionality your focus is on the experience and essence of the project. Another way of saying this is that you’re focusing on the essence of what your soul is wanting to experience.

For example, while the physical form of your project may be to create a healing and wellness retreat center (that’s the ultimate result you’re playing for), the reason your soul is wanting this is so that it/you can experience a serene, calm setting in nature. In this case, increase your intention to experience serenity, calmness and nature and you will attract more of what will ultimately lead to your retreat center OR something even better. Stay unattached to the form your project ultimately takes.

Stay tuned for the remaining 10 suggestions for super charging your life over the next few days. And in the meantime, let me know which of these makes the most sense to you and how you plan to use the suggestion to enhance your life, OR post your questions here as well. I’m here to be of service.