Super Charge Your Life On Purpose Part #2

Ready for some more suggestions for supercharging your life on purpose through super charging your Purpose Projects? Great here’s the next set:

(Oh, by the way, for more on Purpose Project including how to create powerful, passion filled ones, pick up a copy of my newly released book, Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life . Ok, now that I’m done with the shameless plug, let’s proceed:

5. Focus more on what you want and release any thoughts of lack. The Universal Laws of Attraction and Deliberate or Purposeful Creation states that we attract that which we focus our attention and thoughts on. We also attract most powerfully what we think about with strong emotion and feeling. These laws that govern the universe are non-discriminating and nonjudgmental. If you’re focusing on what you don’t want and then apply a strong feeling like fear or lack, you will get what you don’t want.

So, with your Purpose Projects be sure you’re doing the ‘inner work’ of focusing on what you want to happen and to then infuse those thoughts with positive, powerful and purposeful emotions like love, gratitude, and contribution.

6. Identify one ‘self-limiting belief’ that’s been holding you back and then release it. Create a new belief that will support your life purpose. This step is similar to #5 but more specific. A ‘self-limiting belief’ is simply something that you’ve been focusing on for so long that you now believe it to be true, and sure enough, in many cases it has become true BECAUSE you’ve created it this way by default. The first step, and sometimes the most challenging step, is to identify the belief.

This is sometimes challenging because the beliefs with the most shaping power in your life are often ‘transparent.’ You’re so certain that they are true — that that’s simply the way life is — that you don’t even think of them as a belief. So, look first at the ‘truths’ of life and begin to question those, especially the ones that leave you disempowered.

Are you really “not good enough,” or have you just been telling yourself that so long that it appears to be true? What new belief could you create that would empower you and that would be consistent with your true purpose in life?

7. Hang out with powerful people that are up to something. Our environment has a great influence on who we are and the room we have to be. This is especially true of the people we hang out with. If you’re hanging out with chronic complainers, cynics, or people who put you and others down, it’s time to ask yourself — “Why?” Does this mean I’m suggesting you get rid of some of your friends? Yes! If you’re allowing them to drag you down and keeping you from being who your truly are.

As you’re doing this, use the Law of Attraction by beginning to focus on the type of people you do want in your life.

8. Keep your eye on your own growth and development. Which is another way of saying to remember that your Purpose Project isn’t really about the results. You play the game like it’s about the results but at the same time it’s important to remember that it’s really about your own growth and development in living true to your purpose. If a Purpose Project appears stuck, check in to see if you’ve become attached to the results. It can happen without you even noticing it, and it can sure be suppressive. If so, lighten up and put the purposeful play back in, which leads us to #9.

But you’ll have to come back tomorrow for #9 – #14, and it’ll be worth it if you do. In the meantime, take some ground by sharing what suggestions are resonating most strongly, and if you’re not sure how to implement any of this into your life, ask away. I’m here to be of service.