Synchronicity and On and Off Purpose Patterns

I love how the Universe often gives us answers to our questions just when we need them and are ready to receive them. Just this morning I found myself ‘gripping’ about having to get up. It’s become an ‘off purpose pattern’ of mine. I love staying up late reading then complain (mostly to myself) when I have to get up.

I was thinking about this ‘transition’ from sleep to being awake, when I picked up the Science of Mind Magazine — one of the 3 or 4 spiritual materials I read from each morning — and found the following:

“Wouldn’t it be ideal to move from one phase of our lives to another… in an elegant fashion the way winter turns to spring?” It then went of to say, “What guarantees an elegant movement from one phase of living to the next is not our perception of its ideal, but how we go with the flow of events as they occur.”

In other words, moving from sleep to being awake is a normal part of the flow of our daily life. It’s a time of transition that we each go through every 24 hours. Now, the question is, will we grip about it or simply go with the flow. When I let go of my own inner judgment about this transition time — “I must not have gotten a good night sleep, something must be wrong we me, why is it so hard to get started in the morning?, etc — and just be present to the natural flow, awakening to a new day can be quite pleasant.

I tried it this morning and it worked. I noticed my thoughts, and those that were life detracting I simply let go of, and then I looked around and noticed what an incredibly beautiful morning it was. It has rained the night before so there was a crispness to the air, the sun arising from the East cast a golden hue on everything it touched. And suddenly I was present without my judgments so condemnation of how hard it is to awake in the morning.

I share this with an invitation to try it out for yourself, especially if you’ve found yourself making it hard to awaken in the morning. Perhaps the only thing to change is your thoughts and perceptions of this daily transition. What do you think?