Temporary Set Back on Water for Fuel Experiment

Well, just a quick update with the ‘water as gas’ experiment. I took a ‘hit’ this week and had a bit of a strange set of set backs.

For the past several months both the Mercedes and our van have been running like a charm with no problems, I’d say for at least the past year.

Now, just as we’re about to take the next step in this experiment, both cars have experienced troubles. The Mercedes odometer quit — just quit. No rolling of the numbers. I’ve had cars for close to 50 years and never had an odometer stop working. Kind of hard to gauge the gas mileage without it though.

So, I thought, we’ll star by placing the electrolyser on the van….except that then Ann reports to me that the van isn’t running properly, especially as it goes up the mountains around here. So, it’s in the shop as I write this have the catalytic converter repaired. (which may be part of the reason I though it appropriate to write about how the inherited purpose can flare up around money issue. )

Anyway, we’ll probably need to run it a bit to get a starting mpg rating after the repair, then we’ll have the energy saving device installed.

That’s the status at this point. Set back but only a temporary one.