THE BOOK THAT FINALLY ANSWERS THE QUESTION: What is my personal purpose in life?

You know the book I’m talking about, right? LIFE ON PURPOSE: Six Passages to an Inspired Life. But rather than tooting my own horn, I thought I’d let a few other people toot it for me.

Below are just 3 of the over 20 positive reviews that people have been kind enough to share on but first let me make you a special offer.


If you feel called to invest in this book and order it from Amazon or another source on the web, if you send in your email receipt, I’ll send you a workbook that includes all the assignments that are in the book so you won’t have to write in your book (unless of course you want to.)

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Now, what are others saying about LIFE ON PURPOSE: Six Passages to an Inspired Life?

It’s not about doing, it’s about being, August 15, 2007
By M. Noble (Denver, CO) –
Do you live life in a state of perpetual overwhelm, running from one task to another, always doing, doing, doing, but feeling like you’re getting nowhere? Do you ever wonder why you live the life you do, and how you could make it better? Life on Purpose, Six Passages To An Inspired Life is a valuable tool to help you get on the way to living a more conscious, fulfilled life.

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Accidentally on Purpose, November 20, 2007
By H. S. Norton “Finding Answers”

By accident I came across this book, looking for marital advice I came across a web site that had really nothing to do with what I was looking for and one of the recommended readings was “Life on Purpose” so I bought it. What could it hurt?! It is great! I have started reading and each time a question comes up or a test is given, what ever it is, I pull out a blank sheet of paper, write it at the top and answer it but if I have trouble answering the question I finish reading and come back to my piece of paper. Then I add it to a three ring binder and am creating a workbook of sorts that I can go back and refer to. This helps you see your progress and gives you a “paper trail” so you can see where you are and where you came from. It has really opened my eyes and makes you think and see things from different angles than you normally would. I recommend it. What could it hurt?

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The Most Purposeful, Practical and Effective Guide!, November 18, 2007
By Ricardo Flores-Clar (San Antonio, TX) –

It’s fairly easy for many people to agree that we all came to this world for a purpose. That we have a divine reason to be here, with our specific set of gifts, to put them at the service of the world and all those we come in contact with, and transform our lives to be a reflection of our divine purpose. The big question is “HOW?” Dr Swift’s book – “Life on Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life” is a practical and inspirational guide that walks you by the hand through the process of first reaching clarity on the why are we here question, and then on the second stage, how to make our life a reflection of that divine reason.

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