“The Boss” Bruce Springsteen On Purpose

Did you see 60-Minutes this past Sunday? I turned it on to watch the segment on NASA’s renewed commitment to travel to the Moon and then on to Mars, but also caught the interview with Bruce Springsteen.

I found one question particularly interesting. It went something like this:

“You’re reported to be worth hundreds of millions of dollars, Bruce. Why are you still touring?”

I wish I had Springsteen’s response verbatim but I don’t, so to paraphrase — “It’s the music. It’s what I feel like when I’m playing and what you feel like when you’re listening. I like how it feels. It gives my life purpose and meaning.”


Worth hundreds of millions and he continues on the road, which truthfully, is not an easy life. Why? Because it gives his life a sense of purpose and meaning?

So, what can we all learn from “the Boss?” Maybe to ask ourselves the question — “What will I do today to give my life a sense of purpose and meaning?”

And you might start even further back by asking — “Who am I at the core of my being and what could I do today to express who I am that will give my life purpose and meaning?” Don’t be surprised if it has a component of service involved. Part of what gives Springsteen’s life meaning is how his music makes others feel. He’s not playing in a vacuum. He’s out on the road connecting his spirit with others.

How will you connect today?

Thanks for connecting with me through this blog. It gives my life a sense of purpose and meaning.