The Mother of All Minds – An Interview with Dudley Lynch

One of Living & Working On Purpose radio show's new themes for this year is  Purposeful and Powerful Thinking – offered up by one of my co-hosts, Ricardo Flores.  He also offered the tag line of  “Training our brains and honing our spirits to experience purposefulness, fulfillment and total abundance in our lives!”Dudley-lynch[1]

I’ve often shared that our minds are like a powerful instrument… Like a scaple for example.  In my former life as a sm. Animal vet I often used a scaple to help with the healing process and saved many lives with it.  But in another person’s hand it can be a deadly weapon.

So too can our minds.  So, today we’re going to explore the Mother of All Minds, which just so happens to be the title of a book written by today’s guest.

Dudley Lynch is president and founder of Brain Technologies Corporation
of Gainesville, Florda. Dudley's books, "thinkology" models and personal assessment profiles have been changing people and organizations for the better since 1979.

His powerful insights and hit-the-ground techniques have been recognized around the world through books like Strategy of the Dolphin: Scoring a Win in a Chaotic World and The Mother of All Minds: Leaping Free of an Outdated Human Nature, which is the book discussed during the show.

His works have been translated into eight languages and are considered classics in the field of personal change and organizational development. He observes, "When changes are coming at us as fast and furious as they are today, there simply is no substitute for tuning up our personal evolutionary thinking processes, even when it requires a 180-degree turn for us, as the big changes nearly always do." You can learn more about Dudley and his "personal change that works" tools on his Web site at

You may also find the following diagram of value as you listen:

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Listen in on Wednesday, April 29 at 5 pm eastern.