The Power of Context to Transform Your Life

It's the New Year…well, almost depending on when you read this article.  Can you feel the difference? The excitement, the anticipation that this next year will be better than the last? That feeling comes with the New Year each year for just about everyone.

And it's a perfect example of how 'context' can transform our lives, because the day we mark as January 1st and make such a 'big-to-do-about-it' is really no difference than any other day, EXCEPT that we've collectively created context around it that makes it feel different…and therefore it is.

We do it all over the place.  We do it with our other holidays, with our birthdays, and anniversaries.  We create special meaning and we do it both collectively as a society and individually.

Many people rarely, if ever, even think about it.  We do it so automatically, and have done is so much of our life that we don't even notice we're doing it.

Ahh, but when we do become aware of it, that then gives us access to the power of creating context in our lives.

A Playful Experiment — Creating a Daily Theme
I've been playing with this power of context for the last few weeks and invite you to join me in this little 'mind experiment.'  Each day for the next week, create a theme for the day, and then keep that theme alive to see how this newly created context affects your experience of the day.

For example, I started out with "Marvelously miraculous and magical Monday." (Yes, I love alliteration. I sometime feel that Divine Spirit speaks to me through alliteration.)  Then Tuesday became Terrifically Truthful Tuesday, and Wednesday was a Wonderful Wednesday of Wonderment.

And with each new theme, each day took on a different feel.  Monday I looked for and found marvelous miracles and a bit of magic in the day. Tuesday I paid attention to be truthful, and Wednesday I enjoyed the wonderment of life.

All of this was created with the context of meaning, and boy, was it fun. Give it a try and let me know what results you have with your own

The Greatest Context of All — Your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose
Perhaps the greatest access to the power of context is when you clearly identify your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose and then use it to create context for each moment of your life.  It shapes who you are, which then shapes your actions as they become consistent with your being, which then shapes what you have, as in the results of your life being in alignment with your purpose.

So, will your year be a year on purpose, or will it be another year with the fear, lack and struggle of your Inherited Purpose giving you the context of your life at an unconscious, behind the scene level?  You get to choose, then choose again and again. 

May this year be your most on purpose year yet.  We at Life On Purpose Institute are devoted to supporting you in that intention.