The Power of Declaring a Breakdown (Have Faith Progressives)

It’s been over twenty years since being involved with Landmark Education, but for a full decade, Ann and I were intimately involved with this international personal development company, both as participants and program leaders. In fact, we met during one of LEC’s programs.

During that time, we learned not only about the power of life coaching, but also a technology that we’ve applied to our life on a daily basis and which has made a profound and lasting difference with us.

Today I want to share a bit of the LEC technology that I feel will help others through this most challenging “post-election” time and perhaps even move us all forward in a proactive way. It certainly has served me well through the years. I’ll see if I can articulate it in a way that makes sense.

Declaring a Breakdown Vs. An ‘Is’ Breakdown

The distinction I want to make is the power of declaring a breakdown vs. an ‘is’ breakdown. At least that’s how I remember learning it. When I live as though there IS a breakdown especially if I’m in one at the moment, I’m mostly present to the upset that goes with such that ‘is’ breakdown.

For example, many people, including myself at first, have been extremely upset by the results of the recent election for the United States President. Now, if you actually voted for Trump, fine. Save this for another time when you find yourself in a major upset.

So, when we think we’re in the midst of a breakdown, we’re mostly present to being upset; angry, sad, scared, outraged, etc. But we don’t have to remain there. We can shift our perspective. Here’s how.

I can stop and declare a breakdown. When I move from an ‘is’ breakdown to a declared breakdown, there’s the opening to get in touch with what I’m truly committed to and operate from that commitment and thus move beyond the breakdown.

For example, I’m declaring a breakdown regarding the election of Donald Trump as our POTUS. This puts me in touch with my commitment to being a Progressive in my politics and world view. It also reminds me that I can continue to be a Progressive no matter who is in the White House these next four years. It also offers me the opportunity to up my game in this arena of life. I share this here in the hope it may inspire and empower others.
And if it makes no sense, I’ll be happy to try to help clarify it. Just post your comments and/or questions below.