(I recently read about this inspiring prophecy in Lynne Twist’s transformational book, The Soul of Money. ( Being moved to tears when I first read it, I felt compelled to share it with you. It goes like this:


Among the Achuar indigenous people there is a long-told legend and prophecy that says that in the beginning all the people were united at one, but that many years ago they divided into two groups, each group following a different path.

One group, known as the Eagle, were highly scientific and intellectual. Other other group, the Condors, were highly attuned to nature and the intuitive realm. These two groups continued along their own paths becoming further evolved in their own ways. It was prophesized that both groups would eventual come to a point where their very existence was threatened.

Thus, the Eagle people — those of the intellect and the mind — will have reached a point in their development of their scientific knowledge and technology, and their ability to build and construct so well that it would bring tremendous material wealth but at the same time they would to so spiritually impoverished that their very existence would be at risk.

At the same time the people of the Condor — people of the heart, the spirit, who are deeply connected to the natural world — would become highly developed in their intuitive skills, and in their understanding of the spiritual realm. At the same time they would be hungry and impoverished for knowledge that would enable them to be successful in the material world.

The prophecy continues by saying that now is the time for the Eagle people and the Condor people to reunite, to remember that they are actually one people with a common origin. It is time for the eagle and the condor to fly together in the spirit of partnership and collaboration. Neither the eagles nor the condors will survive without this collaboration, and from this new partnership will emerge a new consciousness that will result in a sustainable future for all.