The Water for Fuel Experiment Update

I love my car — I bought this classic Mercedes about two years ago for a song. It runs great, and it’s a blast to drive, especially at this time of the year when I can open the sunroof. BUT….


Like many cars on the road today, the gas mileage….well, it sucks. I figure it gets somewhere between 16 – 20 miles per gallon. So, when Ann stumbled upon some info on the internet that said people were dramatically improving their mileage with a small device that converts water into HHO which is then combined with the gas and air mixture in the engine, I was intrigued…and yes, a bit skeptical.

But I decided that since my life is an experiment in living on purpose and part of my purpose is to live a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity, I figured why not experiment with this, and share my result with YOU.

So, here’s my progress to date:

1. I order the instructions on how to build an electrolyser which is the device that uses electricity to convert water into a form that is supposed to improve the fuel efficiency of a gas engine. After research several different web site, I chose _________.

2. I was able to access both books — one on how to build the electrolysers and several other components that are reported to improve gas mileage and a second book on how to optimize their uses. I’ve not gotten into the second one yet.

3. I purchased the parts I needed, mostly locally although a few I had to find on the internet. The book was very thorough on providing details on what I needed and where to get them.

4. And as you can see in the photo I’ve built my first electrolyser.


In fact, I’ve built 3 — one of my Mercedes and one for the family’s van and one for the mechanic who has agreed to install one of the devices on one of our cars in exchange for a device for himself.

The plan is to take one of the cars in next week for the installation.

One minor breakdown is that the odometer in my Mercedes quit working last week, making it quite difficult to determine mileage results, so we’ll probably start with the van.

In another post in the next few days, I’ll debrief what I’ve learned so far and any suggestions I might make to those interested in trying this yourself. So, stay tuned.