The Wet Blankets of Profitability & Practicality

W. Bradford Swift

I recently had a coaching session with a client who’s been a bit stuck in his life, even though he’s become clear of his life purpose. He realizes that it’s time to create a powerful purpose project that will inspire him forward in his life but can’t quite get it in gear. He even knows what the project could be but he keeps stopping himself because he can’t figure out how to make the project profitable or practical.

For me, considering these two “Ps” too early in the creative process is the kiss of death. It’s like placing two wet, soggy blankets over top of your kindling and wood and then not being able to figure out why you can’t get the fire started. For the most part, “How do I make money with this project / business,” and “I have to be sure I’m practical and live in the ‘real world'” are invariably comments that arise from the fear, lack and struggling to make it (Inherited Purpose), and are powerful IP strategies for keeping us safe, secure and ultimately small.

Sure, there are a lot of very successful businesses out in the world that were created first and foremost to make the founder financially wealthy, and there’s nothing wrong with that. They’re simply not a “Business On Purpose,” and it’s not surprising that many of the people concerned with such businesses wouldn’t show up for work if it wasn’t for the money they receive. In fact, in many cases, the only thing they enjoy about their work is getting paid.

Creating a business that is first and foremost a clear and distinct expression of your true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose is a different animal. I often describe Life On Purpose Institute, Inc. as a “vision-directed / fiscally responsible” enterprise. In other words, first and foremost, it’s the vision of creating a World On Purpose that directs the decisions, choices, and actions of those involved with the enterprise, and at the same time we make every effort to maintain ourselves to be financially responsible because we realize if we’re not, the vision will never be realized. This is not an either/or way of thinking, but a ‘both/and’ way of thinking, where it’s clear what’s the primary purpose and motivation of the business.

So, if anyone is really committed to creating a business that is a reflection and expression of their true purpose, my coaching is to stop worrying about the company being profitable or practical AT FIRST. There will come a time in the creative process that those questions are sound and appropriate, just not at first. Don’t slap these wet blankets on your dreams. They’ll suffocate the spark of passion and purpose before they can roar into a flame of inspiration.

The Magic of Merlin

According to Arthurian Legend, Merlin was a very powerful wizard in part because he lived his life backwards, from the future, to the present and into the past. You can use this “Merlin Principle” to empower yourself in your life on purpose by creating a Visionary Reality for your life that includes your Business On Purpose that is in high momentum. Paint a clear and inspiring, multi-sensory picture of what your Business On Purpose will be like when it’s stable and in momentum, then look from that future back to the present to get a different and insightful perspective on how you got to that future. In this way, the Visionary Reality will serve to pull you forward. And for sure, include in this picture that your business is being highly profitable and offers a practical product line and/or services. Just don’t get concerned at this early stage with needing to know how it will be profitable and practical. The Universe will provide you with this information on a “need to know” basis.

Shifting the Questions from Lack to Love

When you do begin to address the question of profit and practicality, make every effort to come from your true-life purpose rather than from your Inherited Purpose. In other words, be mindful that you’re in a place of Universal love, abundance and flow rather than stuck in the fear, lack and struggle of your past. When you do, a different set of questions will arise, such as:

Instead of “How can I make a living at this?” might shift to “What service can I provide that people will naturally want, need and be ready to pay me well for?” Or even perhaps from “What will happen if I don’t succeed?” shifting to more of a “What am I willing to take on that’s worth failing at?” In other words, what bold adventure are you willing to launch that will be worth risking it all because even failing to completely fulfill on the possibility will be a worthwhile endeavor.

What would such a bold adventure be for you this year?

What step could you take to move forward in bringing it into reality?

How can Life On Purpose support you in your bold visions of what’s purposeful and possible?

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