There are Christmas Trees, then there are Christmas Trees

The family tradition started late — just last year when Amber was already 16. Oh, we'd had trees every year, in the early years they were artificial, then we went back to my family tradition of having a real tree, but all of them came from a tree lot. That's fine, but last year we decided we wanted more of a memory making experience.  No sooner had we started talking about fiTreecarambernding a place where we could cut our own tree then Ann read on the home school network messages about an old Christmas tree farm near our home.

They'd not kept the trees up for several years but claimed that there were still some good trees available and at a very reasonable price of from $10 -$15.  What did we have to lose?  As it turned out, nothing.  So we brought home a tree that exceeded everyone's expectation in both size and shape, and a new tradition had started.

Fast forward to Christmas 2009. Another trip to the abandoned tree farm, and once again a trip home with the tree tied to the ol' Mercedes, Amber claiming all the way home that the tree just isn't as tall as last years.

 TreestandingMeanwhile, Ann and I are thinking, "It's as long as our car.  How big a tree does anyone really need?"  So, with a little effort, we get it home and a bit more straining we haul it off the car and lean it against a tree in our yard.

Where it sits for a few days…

And then a couple more days…

Finally, it's time to move it into the house. What a trip that was.  It was also the time I knew instinctively that this tree was not smaller than last years, not by a long shot.

Last year I was able to move the tree in by myself while Ann and Amber were out shopping.

No way could I have moved this monster tree in on my own.  In fact, it was looking doubtful that Amber and I could do it.

But we did…with all the dogs and cats scattering to their respective hiding places.

Luckily, we have a cathedral ceiling in our main living area, with plenty of room for a tall tree.

Treeinprocess1 Treeinprocess2

Treebrad2 Yep, had to borrow a ladder from our neighboring Mill House Lodge.  Thought I'd have a nose bleed in the process of getting the angel on the top of the tree but I couldn't convince her to fly up that high on her own.MVC-002F