Thoughts about the Prosperity work I have been doing

Couldn't sleep early this morning. This
happens sometimes around 3 or 4 am. So I thought I would write down  some of my
thoughts about the daily spiritual work I have been doing based on The Abundance Book by John Randolph Price. From the very beginning I have had some difficulty with the plan because I find the way Mr. Price writes and languages his material to be so different from the way I say or write things. I have been asking myself the question "If you don't like the way John
Randolph Price words things and you find it so hard to do the Daily Prosperity
Practice, then why are you still doing it?" This is an excellent question because the plan calls for doing it for 40 days without interruption. If you do miss a day then you are to start over from the beginning. Once I finished 40 days I could claim I did it and be done. So, when
I first pondered the above question I
couldn't quite understand why I would keep going with this program yet I found I
was unwilling to stop. Why?
Here is what came to me
about this.
1. I have a sense, a
curiosity about this process. Maybe I don't fully know what is possible with The Prosperity Plan . This feels absolutely true for me so I keep on going. (Today was day 94 for me.) Intuitively I have a
sense that there is something really big about doing this process that is worth
my time and effort to take this on and it is important for me to have the faith
that this is true and to trust my intuitive nature.
2. Learning to do a daily
spiritual practice is a really valuable lesson for me. In fact, I have learned
that if I can do a daily practice for 94 days then there are other things I can
take on and succeed at as well. Things I have given up on. This applies to
exercise. Most of the time I say "I am just too busy with too many other things
to exercise." Yet? Now that I have been doing a spiritual practice for over 90
days could it be possible for me to take on exercising too. The answer is yes.
So this week I have taken on exercising too. I am walking 2 to 3 times a day.
Starting small and working my way up to more rigorous exercise. This is no small
3. I am stretching and
growing in ways I would not have thought of at all had I not taken this practice
on. Specifically, I am growing in my connection with God and the angels. I am loving this aspect of my life.
4. I have become part of an
angel study group. I became interested in this when we interviewed Karen Forrest for
our Exceptional Wisdom Radio Show. (You can listen to all of our shows on
Living and Working on Purpose Radio show.) and my spiritual life and faith have grown by leaps and
bounds. Didn't see that one coming when I started and at least not in the ways
that I have actually grown.
5. Looking only at the physical
world to find results is not where many of the results are showing up in my
life. Sometimes words don't adequately explain or describe what I am getting.
Thus the problem of talking about what I am getting out of the Prosperity
6. My (our) actions have
been consistent with a loving and faithful path. We own two rental houses where
the tenants are going through a very hard time with their jobs. This started
last fall. At first, the idea was to have them evicted and find new tenants.
This just did not feel right. Brad and I discussed this at length. We talked
with other people who said things like "Get them out of there and get new
tenants." Again, this just did not feel right. We had been doing the Prosperity
Plan for about a month, I think, when Brad and I talked about working with the
tenants rather than being adversaries with them. Work with them rather than
against them. Both families are good people. Both families are dealing with
circumstances beyond their control. So we have been working with these families
to help them stay in our homes and to get caught up on their rent. While this
has been a financial strain and difficult for Brad and I it has also been
rewarding because we feel it is the right action to take. We are now in
conversation with both families about having them purchase the homes. This would
be consistent with my goal around my investing in houses. The tag line for my
business is "Turning houses into homes." I didn't want to be come a landlord as
much as I wanted to contribute to families who needed some help getting into
their own home.
7. Faith. My faith is
growing in ways I would not have thought about at all. In fact, I didn't think
about my faith much. I have recognized that I didn't have a lot of faith. I am
smart, I can figure things out so there wasn't much room for faith. I seen for
myself that being smart can get in the way of faith because I think I can rely
on myself more than I relying on my relationship with God.
For those you have thanks
for reading this and paying attention to someone who expresses what is has been
like to be a part of the Abundance book's Prosperity Plan.