Tolle’s Take and the Life On Purpose Perspective

I love getting mail from Purposeful Pondering Ezine readers, even the occasional one that’s not so positive, though I admit, the positive ones are my favorite.

I recently received this message:

“I loved your teleconferences and I look forward to reading your book that I won. I, too, am reading Tolle’s book (The New Earth: Awakening to Your Life Purpose), and I was hoping you would give a more in-depth analysis. You as an expert, talking about his book in a much more specific way would have been fascinating!”

I’ve been pondering about how might be the best way to engage in a ‘more in-depth analysis,’ which could include where Tolle’s approach and the Life On Purpose approach mesh and where they differ, and to be able to do this interactively with others.

What came to me is the Living & Working On Purpose Blog — that’s right. Right here.,

So, I’m inviting you to explore this rich conversation with me, and I promise more in depth analysis, my ‘expert’ take on the subject, and to pull no punches.

And I request your input, comments, and questions be left on the blog. Especially Questions. I’ll do my best to answer them.

And stay tuned. More about this HOT topic coming soon.