Top Ten Benefits of Living On Purpose – Part 2

Here are the next two benefits of clarifying your life purpose and living true to it. Remember, pick the top 3-4 that you feel would most enhance your life.

Benefit #3–Becoming Unstoppable
The longer people live true to their purpose and the more they allow their purpose to shape their lives, the more unstoppable they become. Yet, at the same time, purposeful people aren’t attached to their position. They have learned that it’s not necessary to go through life like a bull, ramming through anything that tries to get in their way. They’ve found that a little patience, persistence, and surrender to the timeline of a higher power can go a long way.

People without clarity of purpose often find themselves stopped or stuck in life. Because they haven’t tapped into their passion, they’re like high-powered automobiles without any fuel in their tanks.

Benefit #4–Fulfillment
Living a life in which you are regularly expressing your life purpose and allowing it to shape your decisions, thoughts, feelings, and actions is simply a whole lot more fulfilling. A Life on Purpose is filled with meaning, and people on purpose realize that they are making a difference simply by being in the world. Whatever they choose to do to express their life purpose is like icing on the cake.

People living off purpose often have a life filled with meaning as well. Unfortunately, the meaning that they choose to see stems from fear and preoccupies them with the need to struggle and suffer. It helps to remember that although pain may be inevitable, suffering is optional. Knowing your purpose is the key to making this important shift.

(Excerpted in part from Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, available now.