Top Ten Benefits of Living On Purpose – Part 4

Here are two more strong reasons for doing the inner work of clarifying your life purpose:

Benefit #7–Integrity
For me, a Life on Purpose is a life of ultimate integrity. It’s a life that is whole and complete. People who know and are living true to their purpose know who they are and why they are here. They live true to their core values as they serve themselves and others through the expression of their life purpose.
People who are living off purpose simply haven’t found themselves yet. There’s nothing wrong with them, there’s just something missing. I created the Purpose Process to provide people with a means of putting this important missing ingredient into their lives.

Benefit #8–Trust and Faith
As people clarify and begin to live true to their life purpose, many of them report a surprising increase in synchronicities and serendipity in their lives. It’s as though the Universe is rewarding them for the courage to live true to their purpose. Most of these people also experience a deepening trust and faith. They realize that there is, indeed, a greater force in the Universe, and at the same time realize that they are an integral part of that force, as well.

People living off purpose, are often slow to trust anything they can’t see and touch. Coming from fear, trusting looks like a bad idea. They often have plenty of evidence for not trusting, looking back on all of the times they did and ended up hurt. That’s why it takes real courage to live on purpose.

Nowhere in this blog will I say that a Life on Purpose is risk-free. But I will say, from my own experience and those of the thousands of people I’ve met who are living on purpose, that the risk is well worth it.

(Excerpted in part from Life On Purpose: Six Passages to an Inspired Life, available now.