“Tough Life” but Someone Has to Live It

I’m writing this blog entry from one of my ‘outdoor offices,’ from the swing that’s on my front deck, but it’s getting about the time of day to move to my other ‘outdoor office,’ which I happen to have a picture of already so here it is:


Yes, that’s a small meditation pond that I built a few years ago from a kit. I think it came from Sam’s Club, though I’m not sure. And to the left is my favorite place to take coaching calls from — my hammock. I share this, not to brag, although the truth be told, I am a bit proud about the life I’ve designed for myself. But the main reason I share it is to illustrate what is possible when one takes on living a life on purpose.

To be able to conduct my coaching business in such serene and pleasant surroundings is just such a joy, in particular because I so much enjoy working with my clients, that I sometime have to stop and pinch myself. Then I remember, that this life is a reflection of living true to my life purpose — an inspired and inspiring life of purposeful, passionate and playful service, a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity, and a life of spiritual serenity.

Oh, and least you think I only work outside, here’s a pic of my inside office as well. It’s a great place too, especially in the winter time.