Transparency – What Happened with the TeleRetreat?

Since the election of our new president a little over a year ago, the subject of transparency in government and our economy has become a hot topic, and I think it's a trend that should be fostered.

So, I thought I'd give it a go myself by being more forthcoming and transparent with what's happening (and not happening) at Life On Purpose Institute; for example with the disappearance of the Living & Images Working On Purpose TeleRetreat that I recently postponed indefinitely. 

Whatever happened with it?

Well, there was one primary force at work that lead to the decision. Ann and I have a second enterprise that Ann started about 3-4 years ago. Since one of our operating principles as husband and wife is that we will be committed to each others commitments, I aligned with her to create Purposeful Properties with the vision of 'turning houses into homes.'  What that means is helping people move from renting an apartment to owning their own home.

Well, Purposeful Properties was doing pretty well until this past year when our two primary properties were vacated by people who had not been able to pay their rent for several months.  It's put a real strain our our financial reserves and we've been close to losing the two properties, which would also mean we'd lose the money that we've tagged for Amber's Future Fund. 

Not a good thing.

So, I felt compelled that we both dig in and turn things around if at all possible, which has taken some of our time and attention away from Life On Purpose Institute.  This resulted in my not promoting the TeleRetreat sufficiently to have it be a go.

But there's also some good news here.

By shifting our attention to Purposeful Properties, we have a contract on one of the homes that should close in February and that will place a wonderful young couple and their 3 kids into their own home for the first time. 

It's even someone we know in the community and we really like. We feel so blessed to be able to help them in this way while it's obviously helping us as well.

And we have a second person that is looking very good for the other house in Greenville. It could also close in February. 

As for the TeleRetreat — we'll see.  I'm still debriefing with LOPI's CEO (Cosmic Enlightened Office, also known as Divine Spirit) whether to offer the TeleRetreat format again and if so, whether to do so with the Pay What You Can approach.  Our first experiment with this approach had mixed results — good attendance, great participation, but with significantly less income generated.  In other words, while it was very consistent with our vision, it doesn't appear to be a financially responsible way to share our work.

Okay, for anyone who's read this far, I'd enjoy your questions and/or comments.  Does being more transparent contribute anything to your life, or is this just me rambling on about stuff that's not that important to you?

Let me know what you think. Got a question about Life On Purpose that you'd like me to address? Post your comments here.