Update on My Off Purpose Patterns & Pact Experiment

Well, it’s been almost a month since I made my “Purposeful Pact” that went like this:

1. When I first become conscious in the morning, I will lie in bed for no more than 10 minutes and while lying there I will give thanks for the opportunity to live a co-created and inspired life of purposeful, passionate, and playful service, a life of mindful abundance balanced with simplicity, and spiritual serenity. I will then ‘count my blessings’ of what I am grateful for, and then arise from bed.

2. Throughout the day, whenever I feel the tightness in my chest that often accompanies the lack consciousness of the Inherited Purpose taking over, or I notice lack-based thoughts, I will strive to pivot through those thoughts and emotions within 10 minutes (max), and during that time will refrain from allowing any of that Inherited Purpose based ‘stuff’ from escaping from my mouth.

I conducted this ‘experiment’ to see what I could learn about this new Power Tool for Living On Purpose, and here’s what I learned.

First, on #1 I failed, pure and simple, at least in this way. Several times, I found myself staying in bed longer than 10 minutes after awaking, although I did a much better job not focusing on fear based or lack based thoughts. I realized that I enjoy ‘lounging’ in bed like this, especially when I’m not there worrying and fretting about stuff beyond my control.

So, even in failing, my life was enhanced.

And as for #2, I did much better in upping my awareness whenever my Inherited Purpose would try to take over around matters of money, and boy the level of freedom I’ve experienced in this area has been wonderful. I haven’t checked in yet with my family to see if they’d noticed any difference in this arena, but I’m convinced that by taking greater responsibility for my thoughts, emotions and what I allow to come out of my mouth, has had a lot to do with the results that have been attracted to us in these last 30 days. So, I
plan to keep practicing this ‘on purpose pattern’ for at least the next 30 days. Perhaps by then, it will be a natural part of who I am.

So I’ll end this experiment with a quote from Jerry and Esther Hicks new book that dropped into my email box this week, and seemed befitting to share here:

“Give me an improved condition, and then I will feel better” is what most people are asking for, but what is really required of you is the ability to maintain your balance and your Connection to who-you-really-are, regardless of the conditions that exist. Unconditional love is “maintaining my Connection to my Source – which is love – regardless of the conditions that surround me.”

The Astonishing Power of Emotions – page 166