Updates on Project Pup Placement

I awoke this beautiful Fall morning in the North Carolina mountains finally feeling more like myself with a sense of purpose and passion coming through. The trip to Louisiana had been more physically and emotionally draining than I’d every expected so it’s take 3-4 days to recover and rejuvenate.

But I’m back so watch out world.

The lastest with PROJECT PUP PLACEMENT is that I found an interesting bio in the Shared Vision Network Ezine this morning of all places. The bio was of Eileen Proctor of It’s a Ruff Life, a dog care and activity center in Arizona. Visiting her web site I learned that she’s active with many pet advocacy groups in her area so I sent her an ezine sharing my recent adventures in Louisiana and asking for her help. I figure a lot of the dogs that have been in the wet and humid climate of Louisiana would love to ‘retire to Arizona.’

I also sent a query letter to some of my favorite and kindest editors at Veterinary Economics
. (I’d say that about them even if it wasn’t likely they would read this. ) offering to write a human interest piece about my experiences and about the incredible work that many other vets and vet techs are providing to help our four-legged friends.

Next on my list is to contact one of the Dr. Davises, either Eric or his wife, Ila. Eric is the director of RAVS
Rural Area Veterinary Services and was the person heading up the team to establish the animal shelter at Dixon Correctional Institute. I want to find out what the long range plan is for the animals at DCI and offer my assistance in finding good homes for as many of them as possible.

BTW, how many loving dogs are you ready to foster or adopt? Something to think about.

Seriously, if you can think of any way to assist in this project… anything that might help find good temporary and/or permanent homes for these pets, let me know. Leave a comment here or email me at brad@lifeonpurpose.com I’ll keep you posted here on the blog. More later.