Upgrading Old Misbeliefs

So, how do we upgrade these misbeliefs that are not serving us?

Well, it all starts with awareness, right? We have to first locate a belief that is distracting us from living on purpose. Now that’s not always as easy as it sounds because, remember, many of these misbeliefs look and feel like reality, so we have to be pretty awake and aware to even call them into question, and that is the starting point.belief_image

This is where we left off in part one of this series, titled The Power of Beliefs to Shape our Lives. Today we’re going to look at ways to upgrade an old, life-distracting misbelief and replace it with one that is empowering and life enhancing.

There are actually two ways that I know. Method #1 can be found in Passage #5 of the Life On Purpose Process under the heading of Replacing Off Purpose Patterns with On Purpose Patterns. (You can find this proven process either in the Life On Purpose book or through the Virtual Video Coach.)

But what if you haven’t yet gone through the other 4 passages of the Life On Purpose Process. (Well, you should, you know, but that’s okay. I know it can be a daunting commitment). So, since one of our guiding principles here at Life On Purpose Institute is to “add value to people’s lives for the joy of it,” let’s explore the second method.

Step One: Identify a Core “Misbelief”

As I stated in the intro, it all starts with awareness — becoming aware of a belief that has been masquerading as the truth — ie, a misbelief.  I’ll use one of the big misbeliefs that I’ve worked with over the years that is actually a core part of my Inherited Purpose:

Life is hard and unfair and therefore I have to work really hard to make it (and not be poor).

Now, as I also stated at the end of part one, this will be much more valuable if you take the time to identify one of your core misbeliefs — something that as been masquerading as the truth (ie, that’s just the way life is or you are) which you are now willing to challenge and consider that it may simply be a misguided belief.

I also invite you to play along with me by sharing that misbelief below in the comment section.

Got one?  Okay, let’s continue.

Step Two: Punch Holes into its “Realness”

In a sense you’ve already started doing this by being willing to consider it’s only a misbelief. Now, you want to continue to punch holes into it. One way to start is by asking a question like:

If this really isn’t the truth and the way life is, what evidence can I find to the contrary?

The play the role of a detective arriving a crime scene. Your job isn’t to wonder if there’s any evidence. You know that there is. Your job is to find it, so begin looking closely at aspects of life that is inconsistent with this belief.

Here’s some of the evidence I found:

  • There have been times in my life when everything just seemed to come together and flow easily, almost effortlessly.
  • I see other people out in the word who don’t appear to be working hard at all, but are having great fun and are making plenty of money in the process.
  • I’ve read many accounts about God’s grace that suggests that the Universe is actually rigged in our favor. Several of these accounts follow up with examples as well.

There are more but you get the idea.  Now, a little warning here. There’s a part of you (the Inherited Purpose part) that is likely to speak up pretty loudly here and try to counter every point you make.  Just notice it, thank it for sharing, but don’t give it any power.

This step may take several days, even a week or longer depending on how deep seated the misbelief is. Take your time but stay intentional and don’t let the fear or lack-based thinking of the Inherited Purpose to distract you.

When you’re ready go onto the next step:

Step Three: Affirm/Declare a New Belief Arising from your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose

Now, you might be saying, “that’s not fair, I don’t know my Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. You tricked me.” Which, by the way, would be coming from your misbelief that life is unfair — right?  So, relax. If you don’t know your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose you can still complete this next step.

Remember, a person’s Divinely Inspired Life Purpose arises from and is grounded in Universal Love, an experience of abundance and a willingness to flow with life. So, what new belief could you create that is comes from this same place?

As you ponder upon this be willing to be surprised and even awed by what emerges.  It’s likely to be in a whole new realm of possibility and not just the opposite of the old belief.

Here’s what I affirmed (and affirm every day since it’s part of my purposeful prayer):

A live in and I’m an integral part of an infinitely abundant Universe where there are ample resources of every form and description readily available for the asking…and so, I do ask.

Ahhhh, now take a breath and let that sink in. I’ve had the great pleasure of living true to this new belief for a number of years and I must say it has so greatly enhanced my life.

 Step Four & Five: Collect Evidence for New Belief & Build a Positive Belief Inventory

I’m combining these two together since they are things you can be doing at the same time and will have a synergistic effect by doing so. You see, one thing that often happens as you begin to create a new belief is that the fear and lack of the Inherited Purpose is likely to use two of its favorite tools for taking back control:

  • doubt, and
  • second guessing

One of the best ways to counter these two is to begin to consciously collect new evidence that supports the new belief.   Here’s some of the new evidence that I’ve collected about the new belief (which has now evolved to become my new reality):

  • I experience the infinitely abundant Universe when I walk in nature each morning and see how well it is designed, and I experience my role in the Grand Plan and Design.
  • I realize that money is only one form of the infinite resources of the Universe. While it is a very convenient form, it is not necessary to obsess over it. I see all the other many forms that are available, including my talents and abilities, my physical ‘stuff’ like this computer I’m using, etc. All are resources that allow me to be my life purpose and to express it into the world.
  • God’s grace is evident in all that I do and be. I can now experience when I’m in the flow of such grace and when I’m pushing against it. Guess which one feels better?

The last and complimentary step is to build a Belief Inventory. This can be particularly helpful when you’re about to launch out into a new endeavor or Purpose Project and you’re doubting your ability. Look for as much evidence as you can find (and create) that will build belief in yourself and your abilities. This can be an ongoing inventory that you can add to over time.

For example, as part of my upgrading of the old misbelief to a new and more life enhancing one, I might decide as part of the new belief that I want to take on a new project. Let’s just say that new project was to create a new business. (Yes, this is hypothetical).  One way I might start would be to create a belief inventory that would build my confidence and belief in the success of the enterprise.  It might start with:

I was successful in building a strong and successful veterinary practice/business even though at the time I purchased the existing business (a small satellite practice) the interests rates climbed from 12% to over 21%.

In other words, the more specific I can be the better. I want to give myself a ‘pep talk’ that is based in truth. Of course, this is something that I can refer back to on a regular basis as I continue to collect new evidence for the success of the new endeavor.

Remember where we started:

Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t–you’re right.” — Henry Ford

And now it’s your turn. What have you gleaned from this series? What questions do you have? How do you see you could strengthen your belief in yourself and in living your life on purpose?