Very Special Guest on Living & Working On Purpose Radio – John Randolph Price

Have you ever had the experience of a book mysteriously showing up in your life – and perhaps that book made a real difference for you in some way.  Maybe it was just immensely entertaining…so entertaining that it became the standard you compare all future boos with — as is the case with me and a book called Boy’s Life.

Or perhaps the book provided some important information or insights that added to the quality of your life, as is the case with one of the books written by our guest today.  But this time, the book has showed up not once but twice.  Several years ago and now more recently, and both times it has helped my wife, Ann, and I to tap into a new level of living purposefully and prosperously.  So, I know listeners will be equally blessed when they tune in to the Living & Working On Purpose Radio Show on Wednesday at 5 pm eastern time on April 15 — that’s right Tax Day to hear Reva Kussmaul and me chat with bestselling author, John Randolph Price.

John and his wife Jan are co-founders of the Quartus Foundation, a research and communication organization formed in 1981 and currently headquartered in Boerne, Texas, near San Antonio. Jan is the president and CEO of the Foundation; John is chairman of the board. The Prices were originators of World Healing Day, a global mind-link for peace involving millions of people that began on December 31, 1986, with the Los Angeles Times reporting up to 400-million participants. The Event has continued on the same date and time each year.

John Price, formerly a CEO in the corporate world, is the author of eighteen books, including the national bestsellers The Superbeings, The Angels Within Us, and The Abundance Book.

So surf your way over to the Living & Working On Purpose Radio Show on Wednesday, April 15 at 5 pm eastern and listen to an inspiring conversations with John.