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Video #1 – A Life that Matters: We have found that a fundamental quality of people is a desire to make a difference, to have their life matter.  In our first video series we identify two of the primary obstacles that get in the way of people clarifying their purpose and living true to it and how to move beyond them.  Click Here.

Video #2 – The Possibility: What really is the possibility of knowing one’s purpose and living true to it?  What are some of the top benefits people report receiving from living on purpose, and what are some of the issues, problems and challenges that can distract us from our true purpose? In this session we explore what we consider to be the #1 obstacle to living on purpose, and how vital it is to identifying it so it doesn’t continue to sabotage your life. Click Here.

Video #3 The Process: So, if knowing your life purpose is so important to living a satisfying and fulfilling life, how does one go about identifying one’s true purpose?  We explore the pros and cons to two proven methods that we know work.  Click Here.