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Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach 2.0
Passage #6 – Mastering the Tools for Living On Purpose


We’re finally at Passage 6 – the passage that never ends – mastering your life on purpose.

When you’re ready for some additional tools for living on purpose, check out this Potpourri of Purposeful Tools:

As our journey along the Purposeful Path comes down the stretch, consider this thought-evoking coaching session on the phrase, “Know thyself.”



One Last Call to Action:

Claiming Your Ground

The intention of this assignment is to give you the opportunity to claim the ground that you’ve taken as you’ve traveled along the purposeful path that makes up the Life On Purpose Process. Claiming this ground will help you fortify your transformation by giving you the opportunity to see how far you’ve taken yourself with your commitment to living on purpose.

And yes, we have one last gift for you that will further help you keep your life purpose alive and well as you continue to design your life on purpose. We'll send it to you upon receiving your completed "Claiming Your Ground" information. And just so you know, we feel blessed to have served you in this way.

  • Thank you for claiming your ground and sharing it with us!If you have any questions on how to move purposefully forward from here, you may contact us at (828) 697-9239 or by emailing
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