Designing a Life You Love

Are you interested in designing a life you can truly love — one that is consistent with your core values, your vision for what’s possible as well as the essence of who you are? That’s a life that matters. That’s a life on purpose. Here’s how:

The Virtual Video Coach Premium PLUS

With the Virtual Video Coach you receive access to a private area of our web site where you will find:
•    15 online video coaching sessions, plus
•    A comprehensive workbook, plus
•    progress summary form, plus
•    several bonuses.

More details about this is below.

With the Premium option you also receive two full hours of 1-on-1 phone or skype coaching sessions from one of our Life On Purpose Coaches.

Now with this PLUS Special – you’ll receive a third hour of 1-on-1 coaching for the same tuition of only $349. 

A Few Conditions

There are three things to keep in mind:

  1. The PLUS Special is for the first TEN people who sign up for the Virtual Video Coach Premium offer. That’s the number of new clients our coaches can take on at the moment.
  2. It’s also good only until Friday, November 16(though I strongly suspect the ten PLUS options will be scooped up long before then since the original message went out out to over seven thousand p

    eople that make up the Life On Purpose Community.) I share that for one simple reason. If you know in your heart that this is the time to bring clarity of purpose to your life, I want you to be one of the people who gets to takes advantage of this offer.

  3. Also, the people who act the fastest will have the best chance of getting the coach of their choice. How?Please indicate your first and second choice of the coach of your choice under the comment section as you complete your registration. You can preview our coaches here.

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Now, if you’re feel you need some more info about the Virtual Video Coach, read below.

The Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach guides you through a proven process for:

  • Clarifying the vision you hold for what’s possible for yourself and the world
  • Uncovering and shaping your core values- what matters most to you
  • Discovering the essence of your being- who you are and what people can count on from you
  • Translating your inspired life purpose into the external results you desire

We take this journey starting with passage one and ending on passage six through fifteen coaching sessions that average twenty-minutes each, along with a comprehensive PDF workbook. (You may also elect to add the services of a Life On Purpose Coach who I have personally trained by choosing the premium option.)

I’ve made it easy and convenient for you to go at your own pace since the Virtual Video Coach is located in an online members area with downloadable coaching sessions to playback on your favorite viewing device.

The biggest results I want for you are:

Imagine getting in touch with the essence of your being and opening the heart to who you really are. In the beginning, you’re able to sustain the feeling of peace, fulfillment, abundance, and wealth. And as time goes on and your clarified life purpose evolves with you, it automatically spills into your everyday life affecting everyone you meet and impacting every situation in a positive manner. That kind of charisma and radiance really is possible when you are purposefully clear and in touch with the deepest parts of your soul.

Imagine clarifying your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose and having a clear and concise written statement that reflects your life purpose. It could look something like this – a life on purpose is a life of purposeful, passionate, and playful service, mindful abundance balanced with simplicity, and spiritual serenity.

Now, imagine taking your life purpose statement and integrating that into every area of your life so it becomes a functioning whole. If your life purpose involves playfulness and mindful abundance, you experience those elements in your business and career choices, how money flows to you, the type of family and intimate relationships you attract, and the development of your overall character.

Other results you will get are:

  • Understanding who you are and what stops you so that you are free to make the choices that give you freedom, fulfillment, and purposeful direction
  • Create the reality and life experiences that you dream of and desire in all areas of life
  • Master the power tools for living true to your life’s purpose and apply those tools into any problematic area of life to redirect your focus to abundance, prosperity and purpose
  • Have your finances, relationships, health, and passions be an authentic reflection of your life’s purpose
  • Connect with who you really are and live an authentic life
  • Become a world server and live out your passions

I am just so delighted with everything you, this course, and the Life on Purpose Institute has given/provided to me. Thank you, SO very, very much. I was especially excited when you spoke about the Purposeful Project. Wow, what a great idea! How to get people out in the world being their true, service-full selves. I say service-full because I have an inkling that even if someone doesn’t consider their life purpose to be one of service, or see that as a value of theirs, I don’t see how anyone couldn’t be of service to the world if they are living their purpose out loud.
Peggy Vervalin, after taking Living the Fulfilled Life program

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Here’s what the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach covers:

Passage One Preparing for the journey along the purposeful path.
Before you set out on any unknown journey, for example, from Boston to New York, what do you do first? You thoroughly prepare yourself for your travels. If you don’t, you’ll waste a lot of time, money, and effort getting a grip on what’s going on, resulting in a very unpleasant trip. It’s not enough to just begin on your Purposeful Path- you must accurately determine where you are starting from and where you intend to end up, as well as identifying some of the obstacles that can get in the way of completing the journey. “Purposeful Preparation” is important to successfully completing your travels.

In this passage you will:

  • Take a series of fun and easy life purpose self tests to take a snapshot of your life as it is now and bring truth in your life…so you can set yourself free and move on to positive change
  • Learn what major mental obstacles that leave you feeling chained and stuck in life and how to breakthrough that chain
  • Create your “abundance blueprint”, so it becomes the navigation leading you to the treasure while exploring the depths of your life.

Passage Two Starting on the purposeful path with the Life On Purpose perspective.
If your native language is English and you’re going to France for the first time, what are you going to do? Learn French so you fit into their culture. It makes perfect sense to do this because you’ll be open to more learning experiences and you’ll enjoy your trip more. Understanding how most people have thought of a life purpose (the Cultural Perspective) will get you to where you want to go most expediently, because a new world of purpose and possibility will be available. You will “get it”, so to speak, and fit right in to the Life On Purpose Perspective. In this passage you will:

  • Distinguish what a life purpose is and what it is not to gain tremendous clarity
  • Learn the basic components that make up a life purpose so you can have laser beam focus and get what you want in life.


Passage Three Uncovering what has been shaping your life: The Inherited Purpose.
You’re stuck in that unfulfilling 9-5 job or stagnating relationship for a reason: you’re identified with the lack based little me that keeps you comfortable, but stuck and unfulfilled. What needs to happen is to bring light to the “dark side” of life purpose – Your Inherited Purpose – and clearly identify the unconscious mental structures that sabotage your freedom from clarifying and living your true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. In this passage you will:

  • Discover the real purpose of the Inherited Purpose, and why it’s not so bad when you learn how to have proper self awareness
  • How to learn the awareness principle so you create distance from your Inherited Purpose and have instant peace and freedom
  • Learn the inner workings of your Inherited Purpose so you can consciously dismantle its structure without it ever overrunning your life again
  • Craft an Inherited Purpose statement so you can clearly recognize when it decides to show up on any occasion at any time

We call it the Inherited Purpose because it’s a powerful force based in fear and lack and shapes our lives much of the time…especially when we’re unclear about our true purpose. Many who have already gone through the Virtual Video Coach program feel that identifying their specific and unique Inherited Purpose (and breaking free from it) to be one of the most powerful, transforming parts of the process.


Passage Four Clarifying your true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose. How do you determine what your soul came here to be and experience? How do you align your intentions with the highest good for all?

In this passage you will:

  • Learn how to identify your core values and beliefs that support a life of inspiration and your highest desires aligned with the Divine
  • Clarify your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose so your life radiates with sufficiency, abundance, and purpose
  • Have a clearly defined written statement that reflects your essence and what your soul came here to be and experience- your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose

Clarifying your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose is the heart of the Life On Purpose Process. You will have a clear sense of who you really are, why you are here, and what you are suppose to be doing here, and have the ability to move forward with an inspired life.

Your inspired life purpose will shape and hold all of your life including your finances, work/career, health, relationships, and spirituality. You will have the ability to live out your dreams and passions and enjoy life knowing that something inspiring is guiding your way.


Passage Five Learning the tools for living your life purpose. You have a clear and defined Life Purpose. Now, how do you actualize that purpose into everyday life and STAY on purpose during those challenging times?

In this passage you will:

  • Learn the 15 Power Tools that will be your guiding star for staying true to your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose
  • Learn the 28 Attraction Principles that will unveil the resources, opportunities, and people that will make your life an authentic reflection of your Life Purpose
  • Where the heck does a life purpose live? Learn the insights and actions needed to access your Life Purpose at your choosing

Passage five is the start of the process in which you begin to live true to your life purpose. This is where the “rubber meets the road” and where some of the biggest transformations take place- from lack to abundance- as you are introduced to the Power Tools for Living On Purpose. You will use these tools to begin to build your life on purpose.


Passage Six Mastery. How do you become a world server and contributor of conscious growth on this planet? What’s the science and art for living true to your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose so personal growth is a natural part of your life?

In this passage you will:

  • Learn how to enter the Spiral of Fulfillment and explore its dimensions for the deep meanings of life
  • Cut through the daily chaos life offers and distinguish mindful abundance balanced with simplicity and how to live it
  • Explore spiritual serenity and the possibility of the profound effect it can have on your life
  • Learn what it means to be a World Server

This last passage focuses on what it will take to move you into momentum and help you to stay on purpose not just in the coming weeks and months, but for the rest of your life.

Here’s what you get in the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach:

Choose Your Virtual Video Coach Option: BASIC Option

good through Nov. 16, 2012

Virtual Video Coach
15 Online Video Coaching Sessions with Brad Swift as your Guide and Coach.
Comprehensive Workbook:
Guides you along each session through the 6 passages of the Life On Purpose Process.
special report
Purposeful Report #1:
Purposeful Planning – How to Be Sure that All Your Goals & Projects are Divinely Inspired.Purposeful Report #2:
The Process of Completing On the Past: Retiring all Your Upsets & Getting on with Your Life On Purpose.Purposeful Prosperity Video, which are 3 online video lessons that “tap you in” to the source of true prosperity.<
A Life On Purpose Coach in Your Corner –
With the premium option, you’ll have ready access to your own Life On Purpose Coach. This option is great for delving more deeply into specific aspects of the process and customizing it for your life situation. It includes:

    • 2 hours of phone coaching. (Divide your coaching time into either 2, 1-hour sessions or 4, 30-minute sessions) and…
    • As needed email coaching.

View the coaches you could be working with by clicking this link –> Coaches Collective

Register for this option through Nov. 16 and receive an additional hour of 1-on-1 phone or skype coaching. That’s a total of 3 hours of personal coaching for the price of 2.
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Here’s what to do now:

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This makes the Virtual Video Coach affordable and available to anyone who has a passion for clarifying their Divinely Inspired Life Purpose.

So, pick the option that is right for you and we’ll have you up and running on the purposeful path in less than 60 seconds.

“The Life on Purpose Video Coach Program is an excellent tool for sorting out why we have certain thoughts and take certain actions in a somewhat automatic pilot fashion. Understanding that my inherited purpose has been driving my life and learning that I can use my divinely inspired purpose instead, was exhilarating and enlightening. As a life-long learner who has experienced many self-help programs, this one clearly deserve an A+.”
Charles Carroll, Ed.D., M.S.


The results people get for living on purpose:

Steve Pavlina, author of Personal Development for Smart Peoplehas been through the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach. After his experience of the life on purpose process, he wrote me this email:”I was able to go through your entire video course last week, including all the videos, the workbook, and the bonuses. You really did an outstanding job on this program! I love your step by step process and how you incorporated personal stories.Your program even helped me get a clearer sense of my own life purpose as well as my inherited purpose, so it will be easy for me to recommend it.I find it really helpful to think of my purpose in terms of beingness, not just doingness. I also gained more clarity about what I enjoy most, such as exploring the space between technology and personal development and finding ways to apply technology to enhance personal growth… “-Steve Pavlina,
Personal Development for Smart People
Creative Wealth Building “The passage about uncovering and clarifying my inherited purpose– you know, the “darkside of purpose” that sabotages my results– has awaken me to WHY my life was stuck on a hamster wheel.Once I was able to understand, become aware of, and heal my inherited purpose, life began working for me and a newly founded peace and inspired functional purpose emanated through. Just that one passage dramatically changed my life forever. Thank you!”
-Nick Pfennigwerth, Creative Wealth Building
“I was getting tired of buying and reading book after book on personal development, but rarely making any real positive changes in my life stick. I was feeling that something was missing – I wanted to be making a real difference with people and I wanted a sense of purpose in my life. I bought Brad’s book and immediately saw by flipping through the book that it was filled with insight – that this guy “got it.” But rather than reading through the book I decided to contact Brad and request coaching through the process.Being coached by Brad through the Life on Purpose process has truly been life-changing. Not only did he help me to gain crystal clarity about my life purpose, he helped me to uncover what had been holding me back for much of my life. Through the coaching, I became clear about what was the next step that I wanted to take in my life.My life has gotten better in many ways as a result of the coaching:

    • The major anxiety that I experienced around my work is a thing of the past – I learned why I was experiencing this anxiety, and then how to overcome it and I can’t believe how effective it was.
    • I have been able to establish a habit of taking daily time for myself to reconnect with what’s truly important – this is something that I had tried and failed to do for 10 years beforehand, so I am so happy
      to have been able to achieve this.
    • I have been experiencing so many more feelings of joy, happiness and abundance since the programme, and life is just so much better.
    • Last of all, I have been making more progress than I can believe in manifesting my greatest desires due to the increased motivation and determination I have gained.”

-Johnathan, from Ireland

Tina Gaines Click the play button to here Tina’s experience with the life on purpose process (if there isn’t a play button or it doesn’t play, download the latest flash update for free):
Suzanne Wade Click the play button to here Suzanne’s experience with the life on purpose process (if there isn’t a play button or it doesn’t play, download the latest flash update for free):

The Pay it Back & Pay it Forward Guarantee

I really want you to be satisfied with your purchases from Life On Purpose Institute, which is why I’m offering the Pay it Back & Pay it Forward Guarantee that I first heard about from my good friend and colleague, Mark Silver.

lop video coach guarantee

Here’s how it works:

If, after you’ve ordered the Virtual Video Coach you aren’t happy with it for any reason then:

  • I will pay you back. Send me an email or a phone call on or before 30 Days, and I’ll refund 100% of the money you paid for the product.
  • I invite you to pay it forward. Since it’s a virtual product, look to see what friend, colleague, organization, distant relative, whomever- someone you think might like and use it to their benefit. Send me their name and email address and I will send them your access pass when I close out yours.

Nice and simple. You get your money back, and you get to be generous with someone, which always feels good. Also, let me know what you didn’t like about it, and I’ll give you a recommendation for a book, author, website, or other resource that might serve you better.

Bottom line — I really want you to get the help, no matter where it comes from.


Still On the Fence? Ask me any question that is on your mind or in your heart about this program.

Either way, I want you to make a decision that is right for you. Send me your questions here.