Introductory Video Series for the Virtual Video Coach

Yea! It finally came to me what I wanted to share in the third session of this series. In today’s session you’ll learn:

  • Who is best served by the Life On Purpose Process (and the Virtual Video Coach
  • What are the 5 key points you can expect to receive
  • What are some of the major benefits others have reported having received
  • And what’s included in this Special Introductory Offer
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I’d love to hear your response from the video series.  What are you learning? What insights are you having?  What questions do you have about, well life, living on purpose, or about the Life On Purpose Process? Ask them in the comment section and I’ll respond from the Life On Purpose Perspective, and/or include it in one of the next videos.  Just jump down to the bottom of the page to the comment section.

And for those of you who resonate with the idea of bringing more purpose and passion to your life, below is all the information about one powerful and effective way to do so. Want to jump ahead to all the particulars? (what’s included, introductory specials, purchase price, etc.)

Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach

Self-Directed Program for Clarifying Your Life Purpose
& Living True to It.

The Divine is Calling – Are You Answering?

I hear it all the time. I heard it just the other day from a new client. “My life is okay…really it is, especially compared to how hard so many other people have it these days. But, well you know, I feel like I may be missing out on something. Something keeps nagging at me, and I can’t quite put my finger on it.”

I call that nagging feeling “Divine Discontent,” and many folks experience it at sometime in their life, some as early as in their twenties, or thirties, others not until their forties, or fifties, or later. Few of us are immune from it. And it’s as prevalent in the rest of the world as it is here in the United States.

If you’re afflicted with Divine Discontent some of the ways you may describe your life are: “fine, okay, doing all right, nothing to complain about…but almost inevitably there’s then a “but”… “I feel like there’s something more to life, I’m missing out on something, I’m being called to something greater.”

Divine Discontent — the restlessness that talks to you in a quiet voice late at night — ‘there’s more to life than you’re currently experiencing’ This voice also speaks in the language of emotions during the day — boredom, frustration, low grade anxiety, mood swings.

And it doesn’t go away…well, not until you answer the call.

But so often you may try to:

Ignore the quiet voice of “Divine Discontent,” or

Work your way out of it, and if neither of these strategies work (and they seldom do), then you may

Anesthetize yourself…either by overindulging in alcohol, drugs, too much television or nighttime binges of ice cream.

And still, the quiet call…”there’s more to life than you’re experiencing” continues.

But these solutions and strategies rarely work.

instead they only prolong the pain and discontentment because they really don’t get to source of the issue. The only thing I’ve found that really works when the Divine Spirit is calling you out, is to answer the call.

What you need to do is not ignore the call, not keep hanging up on the call, not try to change your number. Instead the only real, lasting solution is to answer the call by becoming clear why you brought yourself to this life — to identify, once and for all, your life purpose — your Divinely Inspired Purpose.

But knowing what to do is only part of the answer. The real question that then needs to be answered is how?

How Do You Clarify Your True Purpose?

Answering that question is where the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach comes in.

You see, for the last fifteen years, I’ve devoted my life to assisting people to bring that clarity of purpose to their life through the Life On Purpose Process — a proven, systematic, spiritually based and practical approach that has served as a road map guiding people to their true, Divinely Inspired Life Purpose, then providing them with the tools and the means to design their life as a true and authentic reflection of their purpose.

You see, I know what it’s like to not answer the call. I tried to ignore the call, tried to work my way out of answering the call, and when that didn’t work I tried the alcohol and drug route in an attempt to anesthetize myself…almost into oblivion. But Divine Spirit had other plans for me. Yes, I am a classic case of ‘teaching what I most needed to learn myself.’

Oh, it took a while to come out of that dark night of the soul experience, but when I finally did, and realized that the missing element was knowing my life purpose and living true to it, I realized as I looked around me that many other people were also pretty clueless about their life purpose, and were suffering from Divine Discontent as well.

And that’s when I started praying for some answers to these questions — “Does it really need to take people thirty, forty, fifty or more years to become clear about their life purpose? Isn’t there some way to shorten the learning curve just a bit?” From those questions emerged the Life On Purpose Process — which is the heart and soul of our work here at Life On Purpose Institute and is the foundational process that you will be guided through via the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach.

The Virtual Video Coach is perfect for you if you’re on a bit of a tight budget. You want to ease the pain of Divine Discontent, but not ready to take out a second mortgage on your home to do so.

It’s also especially good for people who are geographically in a place where they can’t easily receive individual coaching because of the time zone difference.

And it’s also great for you if you prefer to take your journey along the Purposeful Path at your own pace and on your own schedule.

So, what exactly is the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach?

Pure and simply, it’s me — a Life On Purpose Coach for the past 15-years and the originator of the Process — guiding you via online video coaching sessions.

Upon completing your purchase you will receive access information to a private, password protected web site where you will find all the video coaching sessions and other materials outlined below.

Here are all the particulars

What’s Special about the Introductory Special?

Well, several things:

  1. The Introductory Special price — $159, $30 off the retail price of $189.
  2. A Special “Ask the Coach Teleclass”– Anyone who purchases the Virtual Video Coach during either the pre-release or the introductory special will be invited to attend a special ‘ask the coach teleclass’ about a few weeks after the introductory launch — on Wednesday, Oct. 20th. This will give you time to start on the Purposeful Path with the Virtual Video Coach then come to the call for some live Life On Purpose Coaching.
  3. Special Tuition on the Next Living the Fulfilled Life Program: The first of November, we’ll be starting the next Living the Fulfilled Life Program.  As someone who’s purchased the Virtual Video Coach you will be invited to join this teleseries at a special tuition. This  is  for those who may want additional support in clarifying their purpose .

What’s Included: Virtual Video Coach PLUS Option
Virtual Video Coach 16 Online Video Coaching Sessions with Brad Swift as your Guide and Coach
Workbook: Guides you along each session through the 6
passages of the Life On Purpose Process

Download as PDF

Mailed to You

special report Purposeful Report #1: Purposeful
Planning – How to Be Sure that All Your Goals & Projects are
Divinely Inspired

Download as PDF

Mailed to You

special report Purposeful
Report #2:

The Process of Completing On the Past: Retiring all Your Upsets
& Getting on with Your Life On Purpose

Download as PDF

Mailed to You

Retail Price: $189 $215
Added Bonuses Purposeful
first 3 online video lessons for tapping into the source of true


Total Value $208.95 $234.95
During the Introductory Offer You Save
$49.95 $49.95
Introductory Price $159 $185
If you’re ready to bring clarity of purpose to your life, during the Introductory Offer is a perfect
time to start on your journey along the Purposeful Path.

Here to Purchase

Here to Purchase

The Pay it Back & Pay it Forward Guarantee

I really want you to be satisfied with your purchases from Life On Purpose Institute, which is why I’m offering the Pay it Back & Pay it Forward Guarantee that I first heard about from my good friend and colleague, Mark Silver. Here’s how it works:

If, after you’ve ordered the Virtual Video Coach you aren’t happy with it for any reason then:

1. I will pay you back. Ask me, and I’ll refund 100% of the money you paid for the product..

2. I ask you to Pay it Forward. Since it’s a virtual product, look to see what friend, colleague, organization, distant relative, whomever- someone you think might like and use it to their benefit. Send me their email address and I will send them your access pass to them when I close out yours.

Nice and simple. You get your money back, and you get to be generous with someone, which always feels good. Also, let me know what you didn’t like about it, and I’ll give you a recommendation for a book, author, website, or other resource that might serve you better.

Bottom line — I really want you to get the help, no matter where it comes from.
comment section

5 Responses to Introductory Video Series for the Virtual Video Coach
  1. Gladys35Giles
    August 28, 2010 | 12:02 pm

    I took 1 st business loans when I was not very old and this supported my family a lot. Nevertheless, I require the bank loan once more time.

  2. Michael J. Murray
    August 28, 2010 | 3:43 pm

    I don’t really remember how I came to discover Life on Purpose but at first blush I had a casual interest being a Marketing & Sales guy ALL my life and being exposed (in many cases overdosed) to motivational drivel. 5% good and 95%crap. In any case Brad, a couple of points of note. You asked with your new site to forward any comments and I will comply with your request to be gentle. I know how painstaking crafting a new website can be in terms of time, energy, resources and creativity. The only small thing I noticed IMMEDIATELY (as a former SEO maven) is that HUGE dead space to the right of the text. That sea of purple. Or is it Robin’s Egg Blue??? That’s it my friend. I’m sure you have immediate plans to fill the void.
    On to more weightier issues. As a result of peeling back the Purposeful onion a little more in listening to your latest video (as I sit here guzzling Martini’s on a Saturday afternoon) out of boredom, frustration and simply and appropriately an enormous void in PURPOSE (at 62 years of age), I just wanted to drop you a line to say that I’m going to make overt advances to listen more, read more and delve deeper into the Institute. I happen to be an amazing individual with incredible talents and abilities but as you WELL know, your name could be Bill Gates but without PURPOSE, not one scratch of software will develop. If you’d care to reply or comment I would be an open vessel. In the meantime I look forward to more instruction from the Professor. Thanks Brad for sharing your testimony by the way. With deep respect, Michael J. Murray (931)628-5482

  3. coachbrad
    August 28, 2010 | 4:22 pm

    Thanks, Michael, for your gentle observation. I’ve forwarded it on to my web designer. It’s something I had not noticed until you’d commented probably because I’ve been viewing it on a laptop and haven’t noticed the amount of background color showing. So, we’ll see what comes of this.
    As to your frank confession of being bored and frustrated, I do understand…and have been there, and know that it can grow so slowly that we often don’t notice until we become really bored and frustrated. (See Are you a Boiled Frog at .
    I trust something will bubble up of value as you peruse the site and this new video series. Look forward to getting to know you better.

    And Gladys — Not sure I understand your comment. Would you care to expand on it?

  4. discount brand name jeans
    Ardeleanu Paul
    September 15, 2010 | 1:12 am

    I am so grateful for the opportunity to see these sample of virtual coach. From my point of view it is extremely useful especially the second video, that when you clarify the life on purpose perspective. I knew about the life on purpose perspective from the excerpt of the book but there I didn’t understood it. Now I do and it is such a good definition of life purpose. Probably the best I heard until now. I want to ask you, how you got to that definition?

    I also enjoyed a lot listening to the story of how life on purpose institute was founded. I am sure that the rest of the videos are same or better then the first 3 videos.

    I also have 2 recommendations for the future videos:
    1) You can make these videos with a better camera so the quality will be better. These point is not as important as the information but it could add a some value
    2) It will also be better some classical or environmental music at some points of the videos and also a more joyful background

    Once again, thank you for the opportunity of watching for free these videos. They are very helpful

  5. coachbrad
    September 17, 2010 | 10:02 am

    Hi Paul,

    thanks for your comments. I’m glad you’re getting value from this video series. Just want to clarify one matter — the first and third videos of this series are not actually part of the Virtual Video Coach — just the middle one. The Virtual Video Coach really focuses on guiding people like yourself through the 6 Passages of the Life On Purpose Process.

    In other words, it’s very focused on helping people clarify their life purpose and then design their life to be a true and authentic reflection of that purpose.

    Also appreciate your comments about the videos background and possibility of adding music at some point. Being fairly new to ‘video production’ I thought this round keeping it simple was best.

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