Wanted: Readers Who Love Fantasy

I’m looking for about 10-12 lovers of fantasy fiction who will read one or both of the following books I’m working on:

Dominion Over All is a young adult fantasy so I’d like a mixture of teenagers and parents of teenagers. Here’s the basic storyline:

Zak Bates is pretty normal for a sixteen year old. Okay, he does own his own zoo, but other than that, he’s pretty average. But when he’s visited by Ra-Kit, a magic cat with a bad catnip habit on a life or death mission, he is ill prepared for the assignment she blackmails him to accept – to represent the Animal Kingdom before the United Nations’ Conference on World Pollution.  Together, Zak, Ra-Kit and Sampson, the flying dog, must persuade the world governments to stop poisoning the planet or face a global rebellion of the animals that could cost millions of lives on both sides and throw the world into irreversible chaos.

The second one I’ve written about a hundred pages of the first draft, and it has the working title of The Saga of Amberlin. It’s premise is:

While God’s previous trips to earth have been as male enlightened beings (Jesus, Buddha, Mohammed, Lao Tsu, Bahá’u’lláh), this go around God arrives as a female – Amberlin… and it’s about time.

If you’re interested in reading and giving me positive and constructive feedback on one or both of these books please email me with:

  • Your Name
  • Which book you want to be a reader for
  • If you’re requesting Dominion Over All, let me know if you’re a teenager or an adult

I’m using Fast Pencil (www.fastpencil.com) where I’ve loaded both manuscripts.  Upon requesting to be a reader/reviewer by sending me an email with the above info to admin@lifeonpurpose.com, I’ll send you a message giving you access to them on Fast Pencil where you can read and comment. I’ll also send you instructions outlining what kind of feedback I’m interested in receiving.  For everyone who completes the reading and gives me feedback, I’ll include you in the acknowledgment section of the book as well as giving you may deepest gratitude for your help.