What are the Upsides of This Major Downturn?

Well, we've all heard plenty about the major down turn that we're in the midst of. The news media is having a real hay day with it all. Unemployment continues to rise, home foreclosures are everywhere, and no one seems to know quite what to do about it all.

But let's take a step back and look at this from a different perspective.

Let's say for the moment that we live in a universe where there are no accidents.  I know that can be a bit of a challenge in its own right, especially when it looks like there's been a major accident on the universal freeway, but I don't think so.

I think it's more likely that we've been paid a visit from the Universal UPS Truck.

The Universal UPS Truck
I still remember when my coach at that time, Michelle Lisenbury Christensen, shared with me about the Universal UPS Truck.  It went something like this:

The Universal UPS truck drives up to your home. Inside it, there's a package with your name on it, and inside the package is a present just for you.  Now, if you don't come to the door when the driver tries to deliver the package, it's not a problem.  The Universal UPS truck will simply return again, and again until the package is delivered, just like a regular UPS truck….with one important exception.

Each time the Universal UPS truck attempts to deliver the package with the gift inside, it gets a bit more intentional, even forceful with its attempts, until finally, if you continue to refuse the package, the Universal UPS truck drives through your living room.

Quite a wake up call, right?  Well, perhaps we're being given the opportunity to wake ourselves up…but to what?

3 Upsides to this Down Turn
I think the package we're being delivered has at least 3 gifts inside.  They are:

**  The opportunity to re-evaluate our lives

**  The opportunity to simplify our lives

**  The opportunity to know our true Self

I remember hearing from one of my clients a few years ago that he realized that he was one of the many people so busy climbing the corporate ladder,  scrambling all over each other he'd failed to notice the ladder was propped against the wrong wall, and wasn't going to result in a fulfilling or satisfying life.

What wall is your ladder propped against? Isn't this the perfect time to spend a little time reflecting upon such a question?

This is an ideal time to get in touch with what matters most in our lives.  Is it really having the latest model, gas guzzling car?  Or to be able to rent a private jet to fly to the Super Bowl?  Or to work 50, 60 or more hours at a job your hate so you can afford the 'good life' while ignoring the loving family that's starved for your attention?

I don't think so….even though perhaps we've thought so up to now. 

My daughter was given an assignment recently by one of her teachers to bring in the one thing she'd be sure to take with her if there was a fire in our home, and an person or pet didn't count.

We both realized from the assignment that there wasn't anything more important than our loved ones.  (And we also both agreed we'd grab our lap tops if we had the chance. <G>)

So, this is the time to embrace what matters most to you, and to spend a bit more time appreciating them.  In future issues, we'll examine the gift of simplifying our life and knowing our true Self.  In the meantime, let's discuss what really matters to you right here on the Living & Working On Purpose blog.

Leave your comments including how you're coping with these turbulent times — what's working and what's not.