What Do You Do When “Divine Discontent” Sets In?

 Announcing the Pre-Release of the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach

I hear it all the time.  I heard it just the other day from a new client.  "My life is okay…really it is, especially compared to how hard so many other people have it these days.  But, well you know, I feel like I may be  missing out on something.  Something keeps nagging at me, and I can't quite put my finger on it."

I call that nagging feeling "Divine Discontent," and many folks experience it at sometime in their life, some as early as in their twenties, or thirties, others not until their forties, or fifties, or later. Few of us are immune from it.

Some of the ways they describe their life are: "fine, okay, doing all right, nothing to complain about…but almost inevitably there's then a "but"… "I feel like there's something more to life, I'm missing out on something, I'm being called to something greater."

Divine Discontent — and it seldom goes away…well, not until you answer the call — the call to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.  That step, and it's a big one, starts with knowing, really knowing your true life purpose with crystal clarity.

Announcing the Pre-release of the Virtual Video Coach
Finally, after 14+ years of coaching people through the Life On Purpose Process to that clarity of purpose, I realized that not everyone is ready or able to hire a coach. Perhaps it doesn't fit in your budget, or maybe you live on the other side of the world, or maybe you just like taking a more self-directed approach where you can go at your own pace and on your own

If that sounds like you, then the Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach could be a perfect fit for you, as it guides you step-by-step — online video coaching session-by-session, through the 6 passages that make up the Life On Purpose Process — your road map to your life on purpose.

Complete information is available HERE.

The Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach is one of our most exciting offers to date.  It's currently under production with a projected release date of July 31.  I'm sharing this with you now because you can save significantly with our pre-release pricing.

Here's what Julie Chapman shared with me recently after clarifying her life purpose:

"I had always felt like I was not living up to my potential and that there was something more to life- something more I "should be doing". What I discovered was that what I thought my life purpose was actually my parents/culture's idea of what I should be- not mine!

"This was transformational and allowed me to finally decide for myself, based on my own passions, my true purpose. My Divine Purpose is now conscious and drives all decisions and choices I make in my everyday life."

How about some Purposeful Resources?
I also realize you may be new to the Life On Purpose community, or feel like you’d like to learn more about the Life On Purpose Process that is the heart and soul of our work, so I’ve also prepared some additional resources that are available online that include:

**   A fr.ee live teleclass entitled “The Role of Purpose in Healing Our Lives and the World”
**   A series of short video clips taken from the Virtual Video Coach (we all like samples, don’t we?)
**   A ‘purposeful report’ entitled “Clarity of Purpose: Don’t Live Life without It”

You can access all of these HERE.

P. S. Remember, by ordering today you'll save over 35% while making a significant commitment to answer the call of Divine Discontent. Who knows, you may find yourself even sleeping better at night, knowing you're about to step upon the Purposeful Path.