What Happens When Two Realizations Collide In A Fertile Mind

Do you remember the old Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup commercial that claimed that the popular candy bar was invented by accident when a person eating from a jar of peanut butter ran into someone eating a chocolate bar, and with that collision, candy bar history was made.

Well, I’ve had two realizations collide within my mind recently. One, the realization that I’m in a small (but hopefully growing) number of people who love their work in large part because my work gives me plenty of room to express myself fully and is consistent with my life purpose.

I shared last week some alarming statistics from the Gallop Organization of how many people are not engaged by their work, but in case you missed those stats, here they are again:

* Less than 30 percent of American workers are fully engaged at work,

* 55 percent are ‘not engaged.’

* Even more alarming is that another 19 percent are ‘actively disengaged,’ meaning not just that they are unhappy at work, but they are regularly sharing those feelings with their colleagues. That’s about 1 out of every 5 people at work.

The second realization was that I’ve been withholding myself in several different areas of my life. More details on this, possibly, in next week’s article on “Showing Up Vs. Hiding Out.” But one of the places I’ve been withholding myself is with the wealth of knowledge I’ve gained in the last 10+ years as the founder of Life On Purpose Institute. Oh, I’ve coached many of my clients on how to build a business on purpose through my 1-on-1 coaching relationships, but when I consider how many people are stifled by their current work situations, it’s time for me to play a much bigger game.

And so, presto these two ideas bumped into each other a few weeks ago, and before I knew it, what had emerged was BUILDING YOUR BUSINESS ON PURPOSE WITH PASSION AND PLAY TELESERIES.

I’ve been so fortunate in these last 10 years to meet and work with a number of other people who have also built businesses that are an expression of their true self and their purpose. Businesses that are making a real difference in the world. So, I’ve brought 7 of these ‘business building experts’ together in this teleseries. People like Michele Lisenbury Christensen who was my coach in the first few years of building Life On Purpose Institute, and my current coach, Andrea Lee of Multiple Streams of Coaching Income and the co-author of the fantastic book, Money, Meaning and Beyond.

So, stay tuned for just a few more days. I’ll be making an official announcement on how you can begin the life-enhancing project of building your own business on purpose. In the meantime, I encourage you to register for the kickoff FR’EE TeleSampler:

Building Your Business on Purpose – A Free Introductory TeleSampler to the TeleSeries on Feb 14, 2007 – Wed 11:59am EST. Register in less than a minute online at http://www.lifeonpurpose.com/telesamplers