What’s So Special about the Life On Purpose Process

I recently received a message I thought deserved a response not just to the kind and generous person who asked it but also to you — my loyal readers and tribe members. Here’s the message:

I have been searching for my life purpose all of my life…I am now almost 56 years old and have about 10 more years to work before I imagine I will retire. I have been very blessed in my work life in that I have “fallen” into jobs where i have been able to excel but none of them have really been my passion.

I have tried so many programs,classes, therapies and conferences throughout my life to find my “life On purpose” and I am no closer now then I was when I was in college in my 20’s.

Can you tell me what is different in your approach that will help move me in the right direction?

I’m sure I’m not the only person you’ve heard from that has had the same experience as myself (hopefully).

So, I decided a couple short videos were the best way to respond, so here they are:


And here’s an example taken from my own life:

Here are a couple ways to start on your journey along the Purposeful Path:

The Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach : These 15 online video coaching session along with a comprehensive downloadable workbook will serve as your road maps along the Purposeful Path with your final destination — your life on purpose.

The Life On Purpose Virtual Video Coach Premium option (combines the power of the Process with the support of a Life On Purpose Coach).