Who is the Most Inspiring Person of 2007?

A favorite web site of mine, Beliefnet has chosen 10 nominees for the Most Inspiring Person of 2007 Award. While I was a little disappointed to not see my name on the list (VBG) I did find the current results to be quite interesting:

Prof. Liviu Librescu 81%
Wesley Autrey 4%
Angelina Jolie 5%
Maj. Scott Southworth 3%
Luma Mufleh 2%
Majora Carter 1%
Don Cheadle 1%
Dr. Catherine Hamlin 2%
Tony Dungy 2%
Barbara Morgan 0%

I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I was not familiar with who Prof. Liviu Librescu was at first. He was the professor who died saving Virgina Tech students’ lives from a gunman.

My initial thought and then question were, “Wow, what a landslide! I wonder why?”

So I poise that question to you, and invite your comments. Why do you feel such an overwhelming majority of people voted Prof. Liviu Librescu to be the most inspiring person of the year?