Wishing On a Christmas Star — A Special Gift

While the offices of Life On Purpose are officially closed until Jan. 2, I received a special early Christmas present from my 15-year old daughter, Amber, and have received permission to share a portion of it with you.

Amber has a special gift, actually several, but one of her most beautiful gifts is her voice, and through the years she’s become quite a self-taught computer nerd, having received my old Mac iBook last Christmas. Well, this year she combined these two and produced her own holiday CD entitled “Wishing On a Christmas Start,” recording it using GarageBand software.


So, here are two of the 7 songs on the CD. If you enjoy them, feel free to let me know here and I’ll pass your comments along to Amber. And yes, I am a very proud father. Taylor Swift, make room — Amber Swift is on the way!

MP3 File

Silent Night

MP3 File

Chestnuts Roasting on an Open Fire