Worrying – An Off Purpose Pattern that Robs Your Life

Worrying – An Off Purpose Pattern that Robs Your Life

Over the years many of the people who have gone through the Life On Purpose
Process have come back to us to share that one of the most powerful and
life-enhancing portions of the Process was uncovering their Inherited
The "IP" as many of them call it, is the fearful, lack-based 'lie' we have
told ourselves about ourselves and the world for so long that we've come to believe it to be true, and this case of misidentification has led to much
struggling and suffering.

And one of the key way the IP keeps shaping our experience of life is
through the practice of worrying.  You can think of it as one of the
fundamental 'off purpose patterns' of the Inherited Purpose. So what is
worrying exactly, and how do we remove it from our life or at least replace it with a more productive 'on purpose pattern?'

So let's start by seeing how the dictionary defines it:  "mental distress or
agitation resulting from concern usually for something impending or

I think it's pretty clear from this definition how much a role fear and lack
plays in worrying and causing the 'mental distress and agitation,' and it's
all about something that hasn't even happened.

How the Inherited Purpose Uses Worry to Shape Our Lives
So, it's easy to see that the process of worry is an internal, mental state
revolving around having fearful, or lack-based thoughts and emotions.  These
combine to form 'molecules of meaning' which then begin to shape our
experience of life.

In other words, they begin to shape our decisions, choices, and our actions,
or in this case oftentimes our lack of action, because we often freeze up or
play much smaller when we're caught up in the IP trap of worry.

So, worry gives us a false sense of ourselves which then shapes our actions
to be more cautious resulting in what we have — results that are consistent
with the lie of the Inherited Purpose. So, indeed, the Law of Attraction
works again…this time to produce a life of what we really don't want but
worry will happen.

So, how do we turn this around?

Replacing the Off Purpose Pattern with an On Purpose Pattern
As is so often the case, the 'turnaround' starts with becoming awake and
aware to what has been shaping your life.  We've now seen that worry is a
flood of fear-based thoughts and feelings that shapes how we view the world
which ultimately shapes our actions and results.

So, to turn this cycle of worry around, we pivot through the fear and lack
of our Inherited Purpose and move to allowing the love and abundance-based
thoughts and emotions to shape our lives.

This is where knowing your life purpose with crystal clarity is so important
because it's the essence of who you really are — it's the Truth that can
set your free from the fear of the Inherited Purpose, and serve as a
powerful pivot point.

When you return yourself to your true purpose and allow it to shape your
life, you can then create a new "On Purpose Pattern." What it will be will
depend on what your say your true purpose is.

For me, I found the tipping/pivoting point to be in the middle of my life
purpose statement — "To live a life of mindful abundance balanced with
simplicity."  From there I created the On Purpose Pattern to replace the Off
Purpose of gratitude.  Whenever I notice I'm caught up in the web of worry,
I pause, take a couple of deep breaths to give myself time to notice that in
that moment I have safe.  I then begin listing the things for which to be
grateful, and before long I can feel the shift back to my true self.

Now, your On Purpose Pattern may be something else that's a better fit for
your true purpose. That's the fun part of creating your life on purpose —

you never know what you might create with the Divine.