Wrestling with a Purposeful Paradox

I love when my clients challenge me with a coaching request that compels me to look more deeply at various aspects of the Life On Purpose Perspective and how it enhances our lives.  It’s one of the primary ways that the Life On Purpose has continue to grow and evolve over the past sixteen-plus years.

For example, I recently received this request from a client (actually a husband and wife team):

“Thoughts plus action equal growth and development” & “Let go and let God”  I would like to feel balanced between these two quotes.

As we began to explore this request, I found that my client sometimes feels that these two statements are in opposition to each other.  The first one advocates action, while the second one seems to advocate sitting back and being more passive.

So, in looking at this question from a Life On Purpose Perspective here’s what we distinguished.

First, we clarified that the first statement is more accurately, “Insights plus action equals growth and development,” or I  +   A  = G&D.  Now this may look like I’m splitting hair, but here’s why this is important.Just any thought that is put into action may not result in growth and development.  Some thoughts — a lot of our thoughts arise from the fear, lack and struggle of the Inherited Purpose, and are more likely to result in stagnation and decline, rather than growth and development.

A true insight is Divinely inspired guidance. Since we are a part of the physical manifestation of the Divine, our role is to put those insights into action in a way that contributes to the greater good of all concerned. Part of our ‘job’ is to also discern between the Divinely inspired insights and all those other thoughts that arise from the fear and lack of the Inherited Purpose that may, on first blush, masquerade as an insight.

So What Insights Are We to Act Upon?

In a follow up coaching session, this husband and wife team, remarked that there seems to be so many insights that they’re afraid they might miss acting upon some of them.  Good point.  When we’re living in alignment with our Divinely Inspired Life Purpose we’re often in a constant showers of insights, opportunities and new possibilities.  It’s really a glorious place to be, and with it comes its own challenge.  Which am I being directed to take part in?

Not to worry.  It’s like being at an amazing Universal Smorgasbord with all these delectable and tasty dishes to sample and enjoy.  We may choose to start out by sampling several different dishes, then come back on a second round for our favorites.  Or we may simply choose — that one, that one, and oh yeah, some of those.  We really can’t get it wrong.

On the one hand, one way the Universe operates is with the attitude so aptly captured by this quote:

The universe doesn’t care who flies;
it only cares that there be flying.

So, don’t feel pressured to take on every insight, opportunity or purpose project that comes down the pike.  If you don’t take it on, someone else will.  For example, for years I’ve had this great idea for the next major restaurant chain or franchise. I even have the name for it — Mucho Macho Nachos, where you go to make your own nachos creations, with a wide array of cheeses and different kinds of chips, along with an assortment of toppings.  Great idea – right?  And also one I’m very clear I’m not going to pursue. (Unless I do. And if some other representative of the Universe is flying with this one already, let me know. I’d like to encourage them to open a location here in my neck of the woods.)

On the other side of this coin to balance everything out is the principle of the Universal UPS truck. (Thanks to my former coach, Michelle Lisenbury Christensen for this one.)  If the Universe is trying to deliver a special package with a gift of an insight, opportunity or new purpose project that’s really for you and only for you, and you’re not available for it, no sweat.  Just like the regular UPS truck, it’ll return later to deliver the package.  Of course, the one difference with the Universal UPS truck, each time it tries to deliver the package, it does so with a bit higher intention and effort.  If you keep refusing the gift, it will eventually drive the truck through your living room.  Hopefully, most of us will awaken to the attempts well before that.