Writing Down the Bones

by Natalie Goldberg

I view this book, published in 1986 as a classic. It could also be titled Zen and the Art of Writing. When I decided my own writing needed a shot in the arm, I immediately dug my copy of Writing Down the Bones out of my bookcase.

The book is inspirational, insightful as well as instructional. One of the things I most love about it is that it’s made up of short essays that can be read in just a few minutes, and then digested over a matter of days or weeks. They cover all aspects of being a writer including:

How to write better: How to use your life to support your writing and vice versa
How to stay on purpose with your writing and the importance of persistence as well as practice, and much more

Through it all Natalie weaves in a spiritual message that can enhance not only your writing but all of your life. If you’re a writer and you’ve missed this little gem, I encourage you to beg, borrow or even buy a copy of it. Oh, go ahead and buy it. You’ll want to read it more than once.

Available through your local bookstore or online at AMAZON