Over the past twenty-five-plus years writing and living on purpose have been integral parts of my life; like the front and back of my hand. I’ve found that for many people, writing is a fantastic way to express their purpose. For sure, that has been the case with me. So eventually, it was bound to happen that I would create a Purpose Project within the overarching meta-project of Life On Purpose simply entitled Writing On Purpose.

Here are the various components of the Writing on Purpose Project as it currently stands:

Project Purpose: To write and publish articles about people and institutions whose lives and missions are dedicated to a bold and inspired purpose or vision.


Purposeful People Form (coming soon)

Roving Reporters (coming soon)

Purposeful Petsan offshoot of Project Purpose. It’s intention is to explore the powerful relationship people share with their pets and the rest of the animal kingdom; how our pets contribute to our lives and how we can contribute back to theirs.

From Spark to Flame: Fanning Your Passion and Ideas into Money-making Magazine Articles that Make a Difference.

The book

The Online Writing Course

Visionary Author:

Giving Back: More to come soon.