You Know Your Life is On Purpose When….

I've been sharing some snippets on Twitter and Facebook on how you know when your life is on purpose and when it's off purpose, so I thought I'd share the short article that appeared in Purposeful Pondering Ezine that started it all in April of 2004. Wow, five years.  Time flies when you're getting old.

Hi Purposeful People.  We're introducing a new format for Purposeful Pondering and look forward to your feedback on it.  Every other week the ezine will look pretty much like it has, with one or more full length articles intended to instruct, inspire and provide you with new insights for
living on purpose.  The week's in between we'll have a shorter article like this one with the common theme of:
You Know Your Life is On Purpose When…
You Know Your Life is Off Purpose When…

For example, you know your life is on purpose when you awake in the morning, you lie in bed for a few minutes until you realize the many exciting projects and activities you have on your schedule that day. So many of them are such a sweet and pure expression of your life purpose, are so in tune with your vision for the world, so true to your core values, and so consistent with who you truly are, that even though you don't have to get up yet, you jump out of bed.

Rather than being yanked out of bed by a blaring alarm clock or prompted by the fear of what might happen if you don't get out of bed, people on purpose are inspired out of bed by their own lives.

Are you living your life on purpose?  Are you inspired out of bed each day? If not, what's stopping you?  After all, it's your life.  Why not make the most of it, starting today.