Your Life is a Prayer

Each morning, one of my favorite spiritual practices is to read from a selection of inspirational books that I find feed my soul. I think of it as breakfast for my mind and spirit. Recently, I ran across this sentence, “Our life is a prayer.” Such a simply statement, right?

Well, if your life is a prayer, what are you praying for? If each thought, emotion, the words that come from your mouth, and your actions are all prayers to the “Source of it All”, what are you praying for? When I consider this, I begin to realize what is meant when other spiritual sages have said, “Your prayers are answered.” Well, maybe not each and every one, but the culmination of them all are.

I mean, if you spend 5 minutes praying for an abundant life, and the rest of the day worrying about how you’re going to pay your bill, and your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions, are all aligned with the worry, what do you think the culmination of that prayer will be?

This is why I feel it’s so important to take the time to do the inner work of clarifying your life purpose. Because, that life purpose made up of your vision for what’s possible, your core values, and the essence of who you are as a spiritual being, can then become the source from which arises your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions. And when all those are congruent with your Divinely Inspired Life Purpose, by living true to it, you are praying ceaselessly for its manifestation in your life. And your prayers will be answered. It’s a simple as that.

Care to comment? As you try on this concept, that may appear radical at first, and apply it to your life, what do you see?